The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

The History Of Tarot Cards – Continued

Date Published:
August 10th, 2010


Today we will continue our examination of the tarot card deck by talking about The Empress and The Emperor.

The Empress

When The Empress appears in your tarot card reading, you should understand she represents a mother figure. This should not be interpreted literally as your mother. The Empress in a tarot card spread is often interpreted as the beginning of something. In many decks, The Empress is drawn as a pregnant female, reminding us that we all came forth from our mothers. In a less literal sense, seeing The Empress is reminding us that all plans have to start somewhere, and that perhaps it is our turn to formulate a new idea.

In your tarot card reading, seeing the Empress usually means that things are about to begin for you, or that the ideas are about to start sprouting. This could mean you are thinking about starting a new business or taking a vacation. But it may not necessarily represent a major life change. It could be something simple as formulating a plan for getting a little more organized in life. Because we are looking at a mother figure, it can, in some cases, represent fertility or an upcoming pregnancy or birth.

The Emperor

Much like The Empress is a mother figure, The Emperor is a father figure. If you examine many Emperor cards in a tarot deck, you will notice that The Emperor is usually sitting on a throne, holding or wearing battle gear and a crown, and has a very authoritative glint in his eye. Immediately, you are drawn to his power and confidence. You realize and may even defer to his expertise in all areas. The Emperor is knowledge and power.

Seeing The Emperor in a tarot card reading is a reminder for us to stop for a minute and think. This card is very grounded and very real unlike the rest of the deck and their flowing, nature-oriented symbols. The Emperor is reminding you to stop and look at everything – to evaluate you current position and your relationships. As much as The Emperor is logic and reasoning, it also represents action. This card may be telling you it is time to stop weighing your options. It is time to pick a course of action and go for it!

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