The Art Of Palm Reading: What To Look For (Continued)

The Art Of Palm Reading: What To Look For (Continued)

Date Published:
June 4th, 2010


In our last blog post, we talked about what to look out for (in a bad way) in a palm reading. We also talked a little bit about what kinds of things to look out for (in a good way!). Let’s explore a good palm reading a little further by looking at a palm reading in detail.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a guide to help you read your own palm, per se. While it’s fun to try it out on your own, it’s always important to seek out someone who’s been doing this for a while and really understands the intricate art of reading palms. A practiced palm reader can really help you interpret what your palms are telling you.

You might be wondering which hand to put out there. Traditional palm readers might ask for a specific hand based on your gender. They think it’s better to read a woman’s left hand and a man’s right hand. Other palmist prefer to look at both hands believing that (if you’re right-handed) your left hand reveals your inner self and the right hand reveals what you do with your inborn talents and traits. If you’re left-handed, it works the other way.

Before a reading of the palm lines, many palm readers will try to figure out what “type” of hand you have. They do this by examining the lines on your fingers, the size of your fingers, palms and knuckles. These characteristics help the palm reader figure out which kind of hand you have and, correspondingly, what kind of personality traits you have.

There are lots of classifications for hands, but these are the most common ones, along with the corresponding personality traits.

  • Earth: have squarish palms and fingers that are wide. The skin is reddish and thick. Earth personalities are usually organized and hard working. They don’t take a lot of risks and tend to be conventional and reliable.
  • Air: have long fingers, prominent knuckles and dry skin. The thumbs tend to be set low on the hand and the palms have a rectangular or squarish shape. Air personalities are intellectual and like to pursue thoughts and ideas. They are usually objective and fair.
  • Water: has a short palm that is sometimes oval-shaped. Very long and pointy fingers that tend to be flexible. Water personalities are in touch with their feelings, emotions and the environment around them.
  • Fire: have short fingers with pinkish skin. The palm tends to be squared or rectangular in shape. Fire personalities tend to be vibrant, assertive and individualistic.

All that information just from looking at the shape of a hand! And this is just the start of a palm reading! The further the palm reader goes, the more you’ll begin to understand about yourself. Imagine what you’ll learn about yourself when the palmist gets around to reading your palm!

Next time: Lines and mounts.

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