Tasseography: Reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography: Reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography: Reading Tea Leaves

Date Published:
November 28th, 2017

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Tea leaf reading has been used as a mechanism for fortune telling for thousands of years. It is speculated that, since the discovery of tea, people have been using the leaves as a way to determine their fortunes and the future. Throughout history, the art of tea leaf reading, or Tasseography, has been used as a tool of prediction. It is said that the ancient Chinese Emperor, Shen Nun, discovered the plant of tea and used it to drink. At first, the tea leaves were allowed to settle to the bottom to create stories. However, later, Chinese monks would receive omens from the leaves.

As time has progressed, less people are able to interpret tea leaves and accurately predict what they mean. However, artists and authors have tried to keep tasseography alive by incorporating it in their pieces of work. For example, author, JK Rowling, mentions tasseography in her third book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. In the book, Harry’s professor teaches the art of tea leaf reading and sees vivid and dangerous omens in Harry’s cup. Though the movie of the book dramatizes Professor Trelawney’s vision, some professional readers or “seers” can see just as vividly. Though it is rare a reader will ever see danger in the leaves, it is always good to specify with the reader what you would like to know/not know from the leaves.

Tea reading is a very complex art to master. Most need psychic ability to interpret the messages in the leaves. There are many things the leaves can say, but it is how the reader sees it that determines what they mean to the participant’s life.

In a tea reading, the participant or consultant must drink a cup of tea. The leaves of the tea need to be of the best quality, loose-leafed, and full-shaped. The consultant must drink the tea leisurely. Once the tea is drank, the consultant must turn the cup upside down, with the handle facing their heart. With their non-dominant hand, the consultant must turn the cup three times in the less comfortable direction — either clockwise or counterclockwise. After the cup has been turned, the reader must then interpret the meaning of the leaves.

The leaves can be interpreted in many ways, but only a true reader can predict the leaves accurately. There are  five parts of a reading that a seer must interpret.

The Symbol

Symbols can range anywhere from animals, to plants, to elements — to anything! And, even more confusing, each symbol can mean different things depending on how they are oriented in the cup. That is why it is so important to get a professional to read for you!

Location of the Symbol

A reader must interpret where the symbol lies at the bottom of the cup. Where the leaves land is crucial in deciphering what the leaves mean and what omens will happen, when. For example, a reader must see if the leaves are at the top of the cup, the middle, or the bottom.

Whole or Broken Symbol

Your psychic must also determine whether the the symbol of the cup is whole or broken. If the symbol is broken, this could mean a variety of interpretations or even multiple.

Thickness of the Symbol

The thickness of the symbol must be read by a fortune teller. He/She will be able to determine not only what the symbol is, but how thick the leaves are bunched together. The thickness of the leaves correlates to the importance of the symbol. A thicker symbol will mean that the fortune is imminent or urgent.

How Quickly It Disappears

How quickly the symbol disappears has an important role in the interpretation of the symbol. The fact that the symbol changed or disappeared can mean a change in your fortune or perhaps something else entirely. A profession psychic really is the only one that can properly interpret the leaves and figure out what exactly your fortunes are.


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