Should You Go Back To Your Ex As Per Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s What Experts Say

Should You Go Back To Your Ex As Per Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s What Experts Say

Wondering, should I go back to my Ex? We all do wonder the same, and most of the time, even want to. But should we? Well, the answer would be a big NO if your relationship was physically harmful or emotionally tiring. But then, there are situations when two people part ways due to confusion, misunderstandings, family pressure and what not? In such situations, we often wonder if we can simply go back to our Ex? And whether doing so would make things as they were earlier? 

Interestingly, the answer is different for each zodiac sign. And to find one for you, we got in touch with one of our expert Tarot readers. So if you have been planning to text your Ex lately, make sure you give this blog a read.


Aries people can be a bit money minded. And that becomes one of the factors when it comes to an Aries going back to their Ex. However, if you go back to your Ex just for feeling’s sake, that would turn out to be beneficial for you. An Aries charming personality and immense sex drive is surely something that not many would want to miss out on.


Taurus people are very homely and forgiving. They have their eyes on one person and try to make them feel special in whatever way possible. And in doing so, they make sure their partner can’t get over them for a year or two after the rare breakup. So within that timeframe, if you decide to go back to your Ex, they may welcome you with their heart and many other things open.


Gemini tries to do everything they can to keep a relationship going. And most of the time, they don’t have to fear their partner leaving them in the middle of nowhere. But if they do, the Gemini should accept it without trying to get back to their Ex as they, most of the time, won’t hear any good news.


One doesn’t simply leave a Cancer. And if they do, then around 60% times the reason is your over-sensitive nature, and the remaining 40% includes all the other reasons. But wait! By saying this, we don’t advise you to change who you are but simply ignore going back to a Taurus, Scorpio or Sagittarius. If your ex belonged to any other zodiac sign, then you may try your luck.


As for Leos, their Ex will come in handy in everything but love. From helping you to find a job to travelling with you to the lush green mountains, your Ex will do anything for you until you aren’t expecting from them the same old love. Out tarot reader suggests that Leos must accept their Ex more as a friend than someone they can re-love.


Virgos like longevity in their life. They seek to find things at the exact place they had left them at. And when it comes to break-ups and patch-ups, the world knows that things can never be really the same. So if the Virgo in you is trying to get back to their Ex, it must ask itself if you are ready to accept the half-cooked meal that may take a while to cook.


Once the balance is misplaced, it is very difficult to scale it up, says our tarot reader about Libra going back to their Ex. You may miss them a lot, but you must not go back to your Ex as the chances of you two getting back together, most of the time, are grim because you yourself would be doubtful of their intentions most of the time.


A Scorpio must consider going back to their Ex if their Ex was a Taurus, Leo or Virgo. These signs match the Scorpio’s physical and mental characteristics thus would be ready to embrace them. However, for all other signs, Scorpio themselves gets over them easily as they know that going back will only respawn the same old unbearable situations.


You are a very on and off with feelings kind of person. So the thought of going back to your Ex is, most of the time, momentary. And such thoughts are not the ones you must act on. You must be very sure if you want to try to get back to your Ex as this adventure may not harm you (as Sags get over easily) but will do harm the other person.


You need to ask yourself one question before you try to go back to your Ex – are they too possessive about you? And if the answer is yes, then you must drop the idea of going back to your Ex. Even if they tell you that they won’t be possessive anymore, you must know that it’s simply a trap. As a Capricorn, you like enjoying your freedom, and some people aren’t in approval of it. And you, honestly, don’t need such people.


Aquarius people can be very doubting and cryptic. So if you don’t want the ‘they not being able to trust you’ loop to restart, then you must not go back to your Ex. Instead, you need to find someone who trusts you and your actions completely and even support you in your endeavours.


For the Pisces wondering if they should go back to their Ex, the answer would be yes but with conditions intact. Interestingly, if you go back to your Ex, you will find them showering you with all the love and care you need. But, it is possible that they might not support you in your life.

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