Shape Of Your Love Line And What It Reveals About You

Shape Of Your Love Line And What It Reveals About You

Literally, who wouldn’t want a love line on hand? Despite having all kinds of dating apps we have, finding ‘love’ still remains one of the most challenging tasks you can get yourself into. Finding a needle in a haystack? That’s exactly what we are talking about. But maybe, the key to unlocking your dream love-life has literally been on your palm to date. 

We all have different kinds of personalities. And this personality of ours is what that pokes us to either swipe left or swipe right. When it comes to love, we often judge the other perosn based on how compatible their personality is with ours. And to make that judgement, we need to understand our personality first. And to help you in the process is your love line (or Heartline).

Heart line on palm

There are many ways to learn more about your personality (like analysing your toe shape to find more about your personality) and one of those is palm reading or palmistry. Palm reading is a world reclaimed art of prediction that considers the shape of the lines on the palm and their connection with each other to predict your future. The four main palm lines are – the heart line, the fate line, the head line, and the life line. And in this blog, we will specifically focus on the Heart line or Love line.

As the love line can be of different shapes and lengths, their meaning is to change accordingly. The love line on hand is situated close to the bottom of the fingers. It begins from the edge of the palm and can run across the whole palm for some people. It sometimes ends at the forefinger or even the middle finger. The love line can either be straight or curved on either side. Some have a love line that is pretty dark and deep while some have a heart line that is light. All these variations is to change how we love, whom we love and when we love.

So with that being said, let’s look at different types of love lines on hand and what they reveal about you.

1. If you have a short love line 

If you have a short love line, meaning one that ends near the ringer finger or between the ringer finger and the middle finger, then you are a self-occupied person. You may also be self-centred and may not have the best luck when it comes to love. You happen to feel that you are lonely most of the time, which is not false. Also, you don’t really try to approach people for love as you think you are not worthy of it. However, having a short love line makes you better at self-love. You grow up to love your own company and are conformable with it until you don’t see a #couplegoals post on the gram’.

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The people with a short love line shouldn’t shy away from trying their luck in love. However, the fact that you may not be successful at finding love on the first attempt, thus you must take things slow and invest more time in understanding a person.

2. If you have a long love line

A long love line is one that starts from the edge of the palm and is spread across the palm. Having a long love line for men means that you are a very romantic person and can make anyone feel special without much effort. On the other hand, for women, having a long love line means that you are faithful in love. However, a long love line is also a sign of major upheavals in love life. Having a long love line means you can be easily hurt and may not be able to recover from heartbreak for a long time. 

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AstroTalk astrologers suggest that such people should access all the scenarios before committing to a relationship. They must not let misunderstandings grow between them and their partner.

3. One ending slightly below the edge

If your love line ends slightly below the right edge of the hand (right hand) or somewhere near the forefinger, then this means you will enjoy an abundance of love in your life. Having this love line makes you someone who is loyal and doesn’t like to fool around in multiple relationships. You like staying loyal to one and wish to spend the rest of your life with them. Having this line also increases your expectations from your partner. You are a bit dreamy and seek to do everything that modern couples do together.

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While there’s nothing wrong with your personality when it comes to love, but you must make sure your expectations don’t make your partner feel like thye are not able to provide you with everything.

4. If the line ends between the forefinger and middle finger 

If you have a heart line that ends between the forefinger and middle finger, then it is a sign of true love. Who-so-ever you love in your life, you will love them with all your heart. You are the kind of person who would go any length to see your partner happy. You are able to support the wishes, desires and dreams of your partner and leave no opportunity to make them feel special. Apart from love, you ensure they enjoy luxuries of all kinds and thus work hard to make their dreams come true. You are a sweet soul who is always ready to patch up things doesn’t matter how much the person has hurt you.

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However, sometimes these people get too occupied in providing materialistic possessions to their partners. They tend to feel that this is the only way to make themselves worthy of the relationship. However, this tendency is not true.

5. If you have a curved love line – upwards

Having a heart line on hand that is curved towards the fingers makes you good at speech. Writing love letters? Well, that’s your forte for sure. Having a curved lifeline gives you an old school romantic personality. You are not only loyal but very caring about the person you call yours. These people usually talk a lot and are able to speak their hearts out without any kind of hesitation. Personally, people with love line that is bend upwards put themselves first and protect their heart, while remaining open to love. You are someone who knows that they need to take care of themselves to take care of others. 

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Astrotalk astrologers suggest that you must preach the wise understanding of love that you have. People out there would be lucky to hear it out from you. 

6. If you have a straight love line

If the love line is straight and has breaks, this means that you are pretty guarded in relationship matters. It’s more like you want your idea to win acceptance all the way around. You want to mould the relationship in a way that comforts you. Well, while this may work initially, but in the long run, this habit makes you controlling and someone who is tough to love. On the other hand, if the love line doesn’t have any kind of breaks, then this means that you are shy and stable in love. You are able to nurture a harmonious family with your partner.

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The ones with a straight love line with breaks should give up on their stubborn attitude. Your opinions should not be ego-driven but based on facts and what is the right thing to do in a so and so situation.

7. If your love line on hand is curved towards palm 

If the love line is curved towards the palm, it is a hint of a negative and weak character. In love, you may give an uneasy feeling to the other person. You don’t dare to chase and express your love feelings very easily. This can be either because you are shy or simple egoistic. Whatever is the case, you need to shun this cryptic attitude to help yourself enjoy the best of love. Doing so will safeguard you from the twists and turns that you are prone to when it comes to love and relationship.

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