Rahu in 9th house: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Rahu in 9th house: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Planet Rahu in your natal chart is more than just something you call a shadow planet. It is also about materialism and temporalism. If you possess Rahu in 9th house, it shall directly affect the areas of your life like foreign matters, dreams, spiritual education, wealth, and friends and family.

Rahu affects the astrological system in all means and manners. It influences the sphere of your life and pushes you to good and bad possibilities altogether. If placed well, you shall do good in your life. However, if placed ill, then be ready to face its consequences.

You can always speak to our Astrologers at AstroTalk to know where your Rahu is in your birth chart. While, if you have the idea already, then read the article to understand how Rahu in 9th house might influence your life.

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Rahu does shadow the planet it gets placed with. But, there are definitely other factors too to consider prior to understanding the effect of Rahu in 9th house. And they are:

  • Aspects with the houses: If Rahu aspects with the Lagna house, you might become an attention seeker and restless and selfish. On the other hand, if aspects with the third house in your chart, it might make you a skilled spokesperson and add a sarcastic and fearless quality in your tone.
  • Transit effects: One case is that Rahu is permanently in the ninth house of your chart. And, the other factor is that it is placing itself in the 9th house for some time. So, when Rahu moves to the 9th house for 18 months, your foreign matters shall get affected. You might go for foreign education or possess high learning.
  • Placement in female or male signs: If in your chart, the ninth house has signs like Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, etc., Rahu shall give negative results of all sorts. However, if placed in masculine signs like Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, etc., the placement shall be auspicious.

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Positive effects of Rahu in 9th house

Rahu ignites the aims and dreams that could make you pioneer in areas like religion and philosophy. You might become great philosophers, pursue high education or be a great ritualist or priest in a temple. Your beliefs shall be unconventional yet influencing in a positive manner. Moreover, you shall also possess the tendency to turn a religious event into a global movement. Not just this, with Rahu in 9th house, you could also become great academic teachers mastering your subjects.

However, you might not always follow what you teach and also misuse the wisdom you possess to earn life’s privileges. Furthermore, the natives can expect their fortune depending on the positioning of Rahu in the ninth house. If Rahu is exalted, then hello luck! However, if weak or debilitating, then you might go through the opposites to edges and ends. Also, you shall be rich with the placement of Rahu here. Your wealth shall increase from time to time, and you might become money-minded with money playing its best cards in your favor.

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Negative effects of Rahu in 9th house

Rahu and Ketu are Gods of the negative effects. Thus, with Rahu in 9th house, you may have ill effects affecting your life all the time. You might not like being in religious activities or feel spiritual at all. Your cravings for fame and wealth shall never end, and you may not think second before putting your ethics at stake the same. There are even possibilities that you may become a fraud Guru or pundit instead of learning something legit in real.

Also, with Rahu in ninth house, you shall possess a big misunderstanding with your father and have issues with him all the time. He might catch severe health issues in his life. In the worst cases, he might have a short life and suffer a lot in his last days. Plus, there are high chances that you may not gain a thing from him and be big trouble to his life. However, for love marriage, the placement of Rahu in this house shall work as a relieving factor and help you marry your love.

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Rahu in ninth house remedies

Consulting our expert astrologers at AstroTalk, we have got some gratifying and easy-peasy remedies. So, those who wish to wipe off the debilitating effects of Rahu in 9th house may follow these:

  • Pet out a dog at home if you could. It shall save the progeny directly and would help shadow the effects of this shadow planet.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with your in-laws. Also, try being nice to other fatherly and motherly in your spouse’s house.
  • Wear or keep gold with you. You can use gold biscuits or wear them in the form of a jewelry item.
  • You must wear saffron Tilak every day prior to leaving the house or right after the morning prayers.
  • Adding to the list, you can also maintain a braid like a Hindu pundit every day.
  • Also, you can care for a black dog or four-legged pet at your in-laws or maternal uncle’s house.

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