Rahu in 8th House: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu in 8th House: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Is your Rahu in 8th house? The position of your Rahu in different houses can control your life in unforeseen and unprecedented ways. To know more about the placement of your Rahu, talk to our astrologers. In case you are already aware that Rahu is in the 8th house of your Kundli, this blog is for you. It will enlighten you on the negative energy the placement brings into your life and will equip you with remedies to overcome the same.

Rahu is not one of the 7 planets that govern astrology. In fact, Rahu has no physical shape or form. It is an imaginary or shadow planet just like Ketu. Although the planet is hypothetical in nature, the presence of the malefic planet cannot be disputed. Residence of Rahu in your horoscope no matter its placement, usually means bad news. But Rahu in the 8th house is definitely the stuff of nightmares. The lord of the 8th house signifies “the hand of destiny” but in the most disadvantageous way. The natives of the 8th house in Rahu suffer from financial incapacities, abrupt shifts in fortune and unwelcome surprises. Learn about the positive results in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses here.

Although Rahu in the 8th house typically results in complexities, it may not be all bad. The kind of results it gives depends on various factors such as:

  • The planet is the 8th house alongside Rahu – The planet camping alongside Rahu in 8th house can make all the difference. It might be a loyal friend or a mortal enemy. It is beneficial for Jupiter and Venus but is malefic for Mars, Moon and Mercury.
  • The zodiac signs – Some zodiac signs affect Rahu traits positively while others negatively. This means that Rahu in eighth house will effect Scorpio ascendant and Virgo ascendant very differently.
  • Rahu and time – the time factor implies whether the planetary position was present at the house from the time of your birth or has it made an appearance only recently.

The placement of Rahu in the eighth house is an inauspicious and difficult position. More often than not the natives do not reap good results from this positioning. Like everything else in life, the 8th house of the Kundli comes with its fair share of fortune and misfortunes. Let’s explore the positive and negative effects of Rahu in the 8th house.

Positive effects of Rahu in 8th house

Rahu in the eighth house deals in secrecy. It is a master of disguise and mystery. Rahu’s placement is therefore tailor-made for people who have dangerous professions such as detectives, disaster managers, security personals, spies, and more. It is perfect for individuals who are involved in covert operations. The natives of this house also enjoy certain luxuries in life hence they choose to pursue companions and life partners who lead extravagant lifestyles. The placement of the Rahu in the eighth house is also conducive for research-oriented work as the natives have a thirst for knowledge and enlightenment as well. The Rahu also propagates creative and innovative thinking so individuals can be expected to come up with unique solutions to complex problems. It may also sometimes pave the way for financial gain.

Negative effects of Rahu in 8th house

The 8th house is a negative placement so it always tends to attract trouble. The eighth house of the Kundli ushers in complexities, inconveniences and ailments for its natives. Monetary loss and unnecessary expenditures like litigation and court cases are a trait of the house. They have an indifferent approach towards life. The 8th house is also known for marital disharmony. The marriages of the natives of this planetary position tend to be rowdy, quarrelsome and unhappy. Intermittent fights with in-laws and the absence of trust and warmth between spouses are common issues in matrimony.

Influenced by the negative effects of Rahu in the 8th house, natives have a penchant for the paranormal. And the obsession with such occult practices never tends to work out for the best. The 8th house is also known for mischief and deceit. Natives may be prone to fake investments, counterfeit goods, false investment claims and more. They wouldn’t really mind dabbling in borderline illegal activities for monetary gain. They could easily lie about skills and education they do not possess. Rahu in the 8th house may also bring misfortune in the form of maladies, deteriorating mental health, accidents, and mishaps. Sudden and painful deaths are also a trait of this planetary position. Newborn babies born in the 8th house of Rahu are sickly children who suffer from various diseases.

Rahu in 8th house remedies

Some effective methods to curb the malefic effects of Rahu in the 8th house would be:

  • Keep a square piece of silver close to you as it is auspicious for you
  • It is important to remember to be loyal to your romantic partners
  • Strive to maintain a healthy relationship with your in-laws
  • Avoid living in a house that is south-facing
  • Keep saunf under your pillow
  • Do not work pursue a career in the electrical field

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