Rahu in 7th house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu in 7th house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

We are always afraid of the planet Rahu in our charts. But why? Rahu isn’t all bad or unfavorable. It does show promising results and affects natives in both manners depending on its placement and condition.  If you have Rahu in 7th house, you can expect a direct on your married life and, with that, power, wealth, and marital peace.

But, there is a lot involved when understanding the effect of any planet in a Kundali. And for this very reason, we would suggest you have a word with our astrologers and understand its impact on your life. However, if you already know about the placement of Rahu in your natal chart, you can go through the article if you have Rahu in 7th house.

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Rahu or north node always comes with caution and causes troubles, dissatisfaction, and troubles in the native’s life. However, it might not be all ill to people and can lead to some auspices. But what else is checked while understanding the effects of Rahu during the Kundali analysis? Let’s see that.

  • Placement is alone or in conjunction: If Rahu is with some planet, it will obviously overpower its effect. However, if alone in your chart, it shall show results way different than expected. Solely, it would be more harmful to you than in conjunction with any other planet.
  • Zodiac sign it is placed in: Rahu is usually friendly with signs like Virgo, Gemini, Libra, and Pisces. And, with Rahu in 7th house, you can see Rahu showing a little less debilitating result when in any of these zodiac signs.

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Positive effects of Rahu in 7th house

Rahu is the planet that usually gives more malefic than beneficial results. However, with Rahu in 7th house of your chart, you shall seek many positive possibilities, especially in personal life. Your marriage shall be an appealing and blissful one. You would enjoy all flavors of life with your spouse. Be it affection, love, or an intense attachment, you would have it all. You shall share a never-ending love with your spouse. Also, a special kind of care could be seen between you and your partner if you possess Rahu in seventh house.

Moreover, if you are a business person, you can expect excellent partnership skills within you. Your business shall rise, and you will expand and prosper. Also, you will be hugely fortunate health-wise, with Rahu in seventh house and would be superb negotiators too. Plus, you would always be ready to give life an excellent competition when hard times come. Not just this, appropriate opportunities and balance in life will always surround you with the placement of Rahu in this house. Fortune would be in your pocket, and when doing things, luck shall shine upon you, mostly always.

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Negative effects of Rahu in 7th house

What’s Rahu if it doesn’t shadow your house? In a few scenarios, planet Rahu influences your life adversely. And, being in the seventh house, expect its direct hit on your relationships and love life. You might lose all optimism in your life. With unpleasant and conflicting terms with your spouse, you may also have low or less interested feelings toward each other. You shall feel tired of your partner/s and affect their life too in a negative manner.

They might face tough times and feel a pessimistic atmosphere around themselves all the time. With Rahu in 7th house of your chart, you shall seek pain, sorrow, and grief followed by hardships and frustrations in life. Furthermore, there are even chances that you build up unnecessary clashes in your married life and expect too much from their other half. Also, innumerable enemies, hardships in life, and oppositions in business and professional life would substantially be there with Rahu in seventh house.

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Rahu in seventh house remedies

You can always get rid of Rahu’s impact on your life just by consulting astrologers or following the remedies we’ve got after speaking to some of our most elite astrologers. Have a glance at them:

  • Flow out six to seven coconuts in the river.
  • Because Rahu in 7th house directly impacts your spouse, you must marry after 21 years of age.
  • Also, you must donate a silver piece or utensil to a Kanya during Kanya Dan and should remind the girl to keep it with her for life.
  • You can also own a dog as a pet and take care of him regularly as a family member.
  • Moreover, you must make sure never to build professional partnerships with folks having two planets in their chart.
  • You may also fill up a silver pot and keep a check on it. Furthermore, you must fill water in it as soon as it gets half empty and never let it get dry.

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