Rahu in 5th house: Meaning, Impact, and Remedies

Rahu in 5th house: Meaning, Impact, and Remedies

Rahu is a shadow planet in the astrology world. Surely, physically it had no existence, but astrologically it mostly shows malefic results. It has an immense influence on a person’s life and also influences the exalted and debilitated planets in a horoscope. When you have Rahu in 5th house, it affects your love life, children, pleasure, etc. Also, you might attain fame and recognition and remain in the limelight most of the time.

Rahu is also known as the north node and is the planet that always retrogrades. It controls and generates the egoistic side of your brain and creates chaos of all sorts in your mind. But, things don’t end here, and understanding it all on your own is very tough. However, our astrologers at AstroTalk are here to help you with it. You may know if your Rahu is in the fifth house or not. 

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And if you already know the same, and have Rahu’s influence in your fifth house, read this whole to understand the effects of Rahu in 5th house. 

Rahu alone could be either beneficial or non-beneficial for you. But, there is much more to see when astrologers do Kundali analysis. In other words, there are many other points considered while seeing the effects of Rahu in 5th house. Such as:

  • Combustion nature: Rahu is one of those planets which never combust in your horoscope. Moreover, if Rahu is with the Sun (the reason for combustion), it starts acting like the Sun. So Sun with Rahu in 5th house, you may see Rahu doubling its effects instead of combusting.
  • Planets with Rahu: Some planets are friends with Rahu in fifth house, while some are enemies. It mostly shadows the effects of the planet it sits with. So, you may see that planet automatically being weak or debilitated. 

Positive effects of Rahu in 5th house

Rahu has superbly positive results when in the fifth house. So, if you have such a placement in your chart, you shall be the center of the stage. With being obsessed with literature, politics, and celebrity, arts and games shall also interest you. Furthermore, with Rahu in the 5th house, you would support the adoption of children. However, there are some chances you impact your bonding with your children and father. 

Along with it, you would be awesome in dramatics and theatre arts. Moreover, with Rahu in fifth house, you will be a successful actor or a great sportsperson. You will take on all sorts of challenges in life and will be immensely keen on success. 

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Also, for natives with Rahu in 5th house, your married life will be an exciting and extraordinary one. Romance would be like an amplification in your life, and dramatic relationships will be all around you. Furthermore, your profession would be much related to the gas, oil, and chemical industry and would be great in the stock exchange world. 

Negative effects of Rahu in 5th house

As known, Rahu is more malefic than benefic. If you have Rahu in fifth house in your horoscope, you might bear too much to go through. Your life will be hard to deal with. Marriage might break, or you may have multiple marriages over time. There shall be something weird about your offspring like surrogacy matters, delayed pregnancy, or no pregnancy at all. There are even possibilities that you may adopt a child from a foreign land. 

Also, with the placement of Rahu in 5th house, you may possess severe health issues. Stomach-related troubles and other diseases may cross your life all the time. Besides that, you would be a big pleasure seeker and might adore the company of cheaters and frauds. 

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Furthermore, the natives with Rahu in fifth house can expect strange possibilities in their life. They would be rule breakers and believe in doing unusual and intense things. With that, you might also not agree to moral boundaries and do risky kinds of stuff in life.

Rahu in fifth house remedies

Dealing with the ill effects of Rahu in 5th house is very hard. Therefore for the same, you may look to these remedies if you are suffering from an afflicted case of Rahu in fifth house:

  • Make sure you keep a silver elephant with you. Carry it or keep it around you in any form possible. The choice is yours!
  • Also, avoid consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
  • Remarry your spouse over a certain period.
  • Make sure you put a piece of silver under the gateway of the main entrance of your house.
  • Serve any four-legged animal with total dedication in the heart. 

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