Rahu in 1st house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu in 1st house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu is a shadow planet in astrology. It is also called the demon planet, which people usually dread. Rahu is the northern node in astrology, which causes eclipses. It is also known for causing delays, laziness, work woes, desires for materialistic gains, etc., especially during the Rahu Mahadasha period. Although Rahu isn’t a lord of any house in kundli or any zodiac sign, but it does occupy a certain house in kundli at a point in time. And in this blog, we will try to find out the effects when Rahu in the 1st house of kundli. 

Though Rahu is often seen as a negative planet, but its effect on humans is not always negative. Just like any other planet in astrology, Rahu’s effects on the native depend on several factors. These factors are:

  • The house that Rahu is camping – For example, if Rahu is camping the house of enemies in your kundli, then you are likely to be safeguarded from your enemies. However, if Rahu is in the 2nd house, i.e. the house of finance, you are likely to experience losses, business failure, etc.
  • The fellow planet in the house – If, for example, both Sun and Rahu are in the same house in your kundli at a particular point in time, it is to complicate the situation for the native as Rahu and Sun are enemy planets. But if Rahu is camping in the same house with a friendly planet, then the result may be positive. 
  • The Zodiac sign influence – Some zodiac signs have a positive impact on Rahu, while others have a negative. So Rahu in the first house will affect the Aries ascendant differently and Leo ascendant differently. 

With that being said, you can talk to astrologer to find out in which house Rahu is currently in your kundli. Meanwhile, further, we will look into the negative and positive effects of Rahu in 1st house. 

Positive effects of Rahu in 1st house

People with Rahu in first house are usually very courageous and of a brave mindset. They are driven by the urge to achieve success and accomplish whatever they lay their hands on. Rahu in 1st house, which is the house of self, inspires the native to take risks in life. And as they do so, they are likely to achieve success across domains. 

AstroTalk’s astrologers explain that people with Rahu in the first house are also very creative. They come up with innovative ideas and are thus lauded for the same both in personal and professional space. They are the go-to people for anyone who seeks inspiration about literally anything. Also, these people can be really competitive. Their competitiveness isn’t restricted to just outsiders or colleagues but also against the ones who are close to them.

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Moreover, people with Rahu in 1st house also possess strong analytical skills. They have a strong fervour for arguments and debates. These people are also a bit foody and aren’t really up for sharing that pleasure with anyone. These natives are also a bit introverted and don’t mind spending their time alone. 

On the sexual side, the people with Rahu in the first house are highly erotic. Their sexual drive is off the charts, and one is assured to have a great intimate encounter with them. Also, another great thing about these sexual encounters is that they are not usally inspired by flings or temporary cravings. The natives with Rahu in 1st house seek to create a genuine relationship with someone before they strip down in front of them. Rahu in the 1st house along with Ketu in the 7th house is a great combination for love compatibility.

Negative effects of Rahu in 1st house

The negative effect of Rahu in first house is that it makes the native really argumentative. High on confidence, these people usually want their point of view to win acceptance among the crowd. This behaviour could leave people in their vicinity irritated. Have you been in such a place with your THE one? Hmm!! Maybe his Rahu is in the 1st house. Wish to check? Talk to astrologer now. 

Also, though Rahu inspires people to achieve greater things in life, it does the same intending to create a sense of material lust in you. Rahu lures you to acquire more and more and pushes you towards immoral and illegal acts. Thus one really needs to rein themselves in terms of financial spending and intellect, especially during Rahu Mahadasha. Also, Rahu’s presence can quickly make a native prone to bad habits like drinking and smoking.

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Rahu governs obsessions, desires and illusions. It affects one’s ability to judge their baby steps and run after worldly fame. In the course of acquiring all these pleasures, Rahu tends to make one insensitive towards the people in their life. This behaviour can lead to separation, lack of intimacy, property and money-related issues, extra-marital affairs, and lack of mental growth of children in the family.

In a nutshell, Rahu, as a planet, is a snowball of negative energies. It pushes us into illusions which ultimately lead to piling up of bad karma. Rahu can derail anyone from the path of goodness, and thus we must be very careful of the demon planet.

Remedies for Rahu in the first house 

Astrotalk astrologers suggest these remedies for one who seeks to curb the malefic effects of rahu in 1st house:

  • People with Rahu in first house of kundli should wear blue-coloured clothes as much as possible. 
  • Fasting on Saturdays can help you curb the malefic effects of Rahu. 
  • Chanting the Rahu Beej Mantra would be very beneficial for the natives with Rahu in the first house of their kundli. 
  • The planet that can control Rahu is Jupiter. So worshipping Jupiter can also bring you positive results against the malefic effects of Rahu.
  • Store water in the southwest corner of your house to safeguard yourself from the harmful effects of Rahu. 
  • For peace of mind, you must meditate every day during the Rahu Kaal period. This will help you in acquiring balanced thought.
  • Next, wearing 8-Mukhi rudraksha can help you in tackling the negative effects of Rahu in 1st house of the kundli. 
  • Keeping an elephant decor or a picture of an elephant at home helps in solving Rahu-related doshas.
  • Using silver glass to drink water can cure bad Rahu in kundli. 

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