Psychic Reading: What Can You Learn From A Tarot Card Reading?

Psychic Reading: What Can You Learn From A Tarot Card Reading?

Psychic Reading: What Can You Learn From A Tarot Card Reading?

Date Published:
February 17th, 2020

Tarot Card Reading Chicago

Tarot card readings are becoming more and more popular. However, most people also have a lot of questions about what exactly tarot card readings do. Is this a way to tell the future? Will it reveal all the things you need to know about your love life, job, and family?

What most people don’t realize is that tarot card reading is complicated and has a long history that goes beyond mere fortune-telling. While many tarot card readers have a knack for psychic readings, this is also a practice that requires a lot of studying and knowledge of the cards and what they can mean. 

At Astrology Boutique in Chicago, Carolyn has performed many tarot card readings. With her natural psychic ability, she helps people interpret the cards to learn more about their life, fate, and themselves.

To understand what you can learn from tarot cards, it helps to understand the general breakdown of a tarot card deck:

Minor Arcana Cards

In a 78 card tarot deck, 56 cards are considered minor arcana cards. Minor arcana cards are the tarot cards that address day-to-day problems. They can help guide you through the questions you may have about the trials and tribulations that go on in daily life. These issues could revolve around your job, friends, family, relationships, and more. These cards are important because they help you understand how and why you reach the major life milestones that will later be described by the major arcana cards. 

Four suites encompass the minor arcana cards, and the suite of a card helps to interpret the meaning. The four suites are comprised of:

The Wands: These cards signify action, passion, and enthusiasm. They can also point to inspiration and motivation to act based on the problem you are facing. 

The Cups: These cards revolve around feelings, emotions, and love. They can address relationships and connections, and guide you to understand your feelings about something. 

The Swords: These cards are all about thought, logic, and judgment. They can help to answer questions about communication, decision-making, and other issues involving the mind.

The Pentacles: These cards best address day-to-day matters such as health, work, and other practical matters.

Major Arcana Cards

The other 22 cards in a tarot deck are comprised of the major arcana cards. Different from the minor arcana cards, the major arcana focus on the big-picture karmic and spiritual questions rather than the day-to-day. With skilled interpretation, the major arcana cards can reveal insights about your fate, spirituality, and character. These cards can also be used to clarify your vision, goals, and dreams for the future. They can help to bring your subconscious awareness into consciousness. Where the minor arcana helps to guide you through personal situations and determine the best course of action, the major arcana cards help to point you to the goals and dreams that you are striving toward. 

Rather than be divided into suites, the major arcana are comprised of allegorical characters or symbols. Some of the most well-known tarot cards include the Fool, the Hermit, the Lovers, and Death. Each card has numerous potential meanings depending on the questions and the person that they are being drawn for. 

The Psychic

Now that you know a little more about what the cards mean, you may be wondering: what exactly does the psychic do during a tarot card reading? Not only is the psychic charged with the task of selecting the cards for you, but they must also use their abilities and knowledge of the deck to provide you with a meaningful reading. All of the cards can have multiple meanings that change based on the person, the issue, and the questions at hand. The psychic is responsible for interpreting these cards and what they mean in connections with your life. 

Schedule A Tarot Card Reading Today

If you are interested in receiving a thoughtful skilled, and authentic tarot card reading in Chicago, look no further than Astrology Boutique. Carolyn utilizes her exceptional psychic gifts to help people like you find spiritual direction and a balanced life. If you have additional questions about tarot card readings or other psychic readings, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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