Overcoming Mercury’s “March Madness”

Overcoming Mercury’s “March Madness”

Overcoming Mercury’s “March Madness”

Date Published:
March 19th, 2019

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Alright, my fellow astrologists, it’s that time of the year again. Time to talk about Mercury. Chances are if you’ve followed any semblance of astrology, especially in recent years, you’ve probably heard about Mercury retrograde. More specifically, you’ve seen or heard talk of social lives dissolving when Mercury starts “moving backward.” Today we’re gonna break down the mystique behind retrograde effects as well as give you some tips on how to survive the short-term, Mercury-filled future.

The Wandering Messenger

Mercury is one of the more beautiful planets of our solar system and moves the fastest around the sun. She makes a complete orbit every 88 days, which means Mercury laps Earth roughly 3 times a year. The ancient Romans named the miniature planet after the messenger god of the same name.

Thousands of years later, Mercury still has a claim to her divine namesake, being commonly associated as a major influencer of communication, media, travel, and technology on Earth.

Considering how often Mercury passes Earth, the retrograde phenomena makes excellent scientific sense. Retrograde, in case you weren’t sure, is a 10 dollar word for “backward.” Mercury retrograde is the name for the illusion of motion that makes Mercury look like she’s moving backwards in the sky. In reality, Mercury is moving faster than Earth, and the speed in which she laps us gives the impression to the human eye that the planet has actually started orbiting backward.

Topsy Turvy

As you can imagine, when this celestial authority of communication, travel, and tech is seemingly moving backwards, those elements of life seem to go backward too. Lasting almost the entire month of March (from the 5th to the 28th), you might want to consider navigating certain situations more delicately than you normally would (heads up, you’ll be doing this again July 7 – August 2, and October 31 – November 20 in 2019).

Are apps on your phone randomly messing up your cell? Have you been fighting with your partner? Did things at work just take a sharp plummet downhill? Has your plane been delayed due to a rare land cyclone? There are only four words that can explain why the answer to all those questions is yes, and why they have all happened within the month of March: Mercury is in retrograde.

Make It Happen

No matter how reasonable it might seem right now, don’t use up all your PTO trying to stay home hiding from the retrograde. Instead, you’ve gotta make this retrograde work for you, not against you.

  1. Don’t start anything new. Seriously, just don’t. Instead, go back and work on projects you started after the last retrograde and haven’t finished yet.
  2. Don’t make any big decisions. We know that seems unreasonable, but do your best. If you’re going to propose, break up with your partner, buy a house, or anything else of that sort, we highly suggest you delay until after the retrograde.
  3. Check in with your tech. Make sure all your important files and photos have been backed up properly. Take your car in for a tune up, and take care of that oil change you’ve been putting off. Invest in an emergency roadside kit, and add an extra cord and battery pack for your cell phone in the kit. That way when Mercury strikes and you’re abandoned on the side of the road, you’re ready and prepared.
  4. Double check the status of your commitments, dates, meetings, interviews, and appointments. Your social life will be extra strange when Mercury is running rampant around the sky. Be prepared for cancellations, being stood up, and awkward, ill-timed encounters from your past. Do your best to keep your chin up and carry on, it’ll all pass in two weeks.
  5. Turn on that filter! We’re talking about your vocal filter. Try to avoid gossip and drama. Additionally, think twice before speaking to help reduce painful, foot-in-mouth communication mishaps.
  6. Practice patience. Everyone will be struggling with the retrograde motion of Mercury, whether they acknowledge it or not. Be patient with yourself and others during this time. Definitely take extra time for your morning commute, and take some extra, deep breaths when your child asks “why” for the millionth time in one day. Do your best to not take others words and actions too personally, and hold off any crucial conversations until after March 28th.

Are you still worried about your future or struggling with the retrograde? Please, come into the Astrology Boutique where we can predict your future, read your natal chart, and analyze how this retrograde will affect you individually. That way you can prepare the best ways to overcome Mercury’s “March Madness” for you.

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