Mercury Transit In Leo On August 9, Impacts On Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury Transit In Leo On August 9, Impacts On Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury or Budh plays a vital role in intelligence and intellect. It is an unbiased planet and possesses the character of any planet depending on its positioning. Mercury transit in Leo is of utmost importance and shall impact all the zodiac signs in multiple manners. The balanced planet Mercury is placing itself in the Leo sign, ruler of the Sun. Mercury transit in Leo would occur on 9 August and will linger in the sign till 26 August 2021.

Let us take a glance as to how it will affect your Moon sign before it proceeds to the earthy sign, Virgo.

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Mercury guides atop the sixth and third house for Aries zodiac sign and would move to the fifth house of the natives. The transit will be good for you if you are planning your way in your studies and profession. You will be passionate and successful if facing competitive examinations and have a cosmic focus on your studies. Moreover, if you are a working person, you can expect a promotion or new opportunities coming your way. Not just this, your work shall get noticed by your seniors, superiors, and subordinates. You would also be great in expanding your communicational impact and interacting appreciably with new people.

However, there might be some troubles in your love life. You may go through some misunderstandings or communication gaps with your partner. Moreover, a temporary lapse might be there too. So, it is advisable that you take things slow and keep your calm. Also, you must interact with your partner more and understand their interests and life.

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Planet Mercury astrologically rules the fifth and second house of yours, Taurus folks, and would be moving to your fourth house of family and happiness. So, you can expect a determined and strong attitude in your vocations. There would be confidence in your speech and persuasion in helping people around you to the premier of your delight. Students would have a blissful time during this transit of Mercury in Leo. You would possess quick and substantial learning skills and will be high on intellect. Also, learning subjects, notes, or anything related will be at your fingertips. With this, the family’s mood will remain happy and healthy.

The list of goods doesn’t end here, and folks with the Taurus sign will have an appealing time with their partners. You would improve your relations with your loved ones and share a warming time during this transit. Professionally, you can expect a convincing time if you belong to the sales, marketing, or education field. All in all, this Mercury transit in Leo will be perplexing for the Taurus folks.

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Gemini’s house lord is Mercury. So, this transit will be very vital for you if you are a Gemini person. The fourth and the ascendant house lord would be in the third house of power, courage, and younger ones. You shall be interested in physical activities and excel in exercising and sports. Furthermore, you would be active socially and interested in gatherings and gossip. Short trips and fun moments will be there too. With that, you shall enjoy quality time with your siblings and have peaceful interaction with other family members.

If you are professionally involved in writing or related fields, you will enjoy a bright time and attract great viewers with your writing skills. The employed ones can expect a promotion or transfer during this transit time or might stay at home because of work. If you are into business, you may go on trips and expand your relations to make new clients.

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Mercury would place itself in the second house for Cancer folks, the house of accumulated wealth. You can expect expenditures with this transit, which could be sudden ones and family-related. With that, you shall spend on household products and appliances. It might not be an ideal time for colossal investments and as losses could be in your way. Moreover, there might be some stress in daily life and family with Mercury transit in Leo.

However, students shall have a slightly flattering time during this placement of Mercury in Leo. You would be a witty and quick learner and will be passionate about your field of interest. With easy-peasy memorizing power, you shall have a better concentration level. Professionally things will be good, and those in the family business would have a great time performing tasks. Success will be in your bag with inspiring people’s influence around you. Not just this, you shall have a humorous change in your personality which will help you make new friends and connections.

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Leo natives can expect the placement of Mercury in the first house, where it would be in a strong position and shall vastly influence your life. Economically, scenarios will be in your favour, and you could have more than one means of earnings. Plus, what you have sown in your previous days and months will prove to be a beneficial factor for your current days. Luck would also shine on you, and you can turn risky events into vital opportunities and accomplishments. Great connections and friendly and influential people would enter your life. Moreover, your professional life will achieve heights, and you may expect a rise in your salary or position.

However, your health may sway a bit. Thus, it is advisable for you to keep a keen eye on your health and maintain a proper routine. Also, you must avoid overthinking, and exertion of any kind must not be there too.

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Mercury rules the tenth and first house for Virgo natives and will be in the twelfth house during this transit. It would be an ideal time for you to deal with overseas-related business and export and import stuff. There will be new clients and customers coming throughout this Mercury transit in Leo. Also, work-related travel could be on the cards for you. Moreover, if you are an employee of a multinational firm, you may expect a hike on your pay scale and earn incentives as well.

However, things might take a minor twist, and you may involve yourself in wasteful expenses. It might imbalance your financial condition and budget. Health-wise, you need to care a lot. Diseases might surround you, and you might become prone to multiple diseases. There are even chances that your immune system may become weak. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you maintain a regular exercise and diet plan.

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Mercury in the Libra zodiac sign rules the twelfth and ninth house and will transit in the eleventh house. Therefore, you can expect a prosperous and fortunate time during this transit. Professionally you shall make prominent profits and will do exceptionally good in business. Moreover, if you are working in some travel-related services or are into sales and marketing, you would be successful and with notable gains. You shall make influencing and new friends who would be creative and well in various aspects of life.

Students can have a great time during Mercury in Leo. Especially if you are pursuing arts and related subjects, you shall have an auspicious time while studying and manage great concentration and passion. You might become a little self-centred and restricted during this time but will manage to make your interests a priority. There will be a healthy bond between your siblings, and you and you would have a pleasant time with your family.

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For peeps with the Scorpio zodiac sign, you shall have Mercury in your tenth house, the house of profession. Some days during Mercury transit in Leo will be favourable, while some would be unfavourable. Your career shall have work at a slow and rough pace. You might expect a change in your job streams or profile but due to forceful reasons. However, you would get support from your friends when looking for new opportunities in jobs. Business working folks can implement changes in their business as this could be an ideal time to do so.

Also, during this transit, you can expect some fixed assets and favours from your ancestors. If you are interested in occult sciences, this shall be a great time to start studying about the same. Moreover, you would earn a lot if, involve some extra effort into the work you do. Along with it, if you are from the insurance sector, you can expect good clients and positive incentives at your workplace.

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For Sagittarius natives, Mercury holds the lordship of the tenth and seventh house. However, throughout this transit, it settles in the ninth house. You can expect a drag towards the foreign culture and learn new ethics and cultures of different countries and places. Travelling would be on your cards, and make recurring plans towards exploring various cities and countries. Not just this, you might also expect an inclination towards spirituality and philosophical studies. You would be passionate about working at your workplace and will get support from your boss and superiors.

Your business will attain heights and can think of expanding it on a larger scale. You can even invest in some fixed assets and ancestral properties. Also, if you are planning to improve your business partnerships with someone, then this transit is your ideal time. Relationship-wise, you will share a beautiful bond with your partner. Furthermore, if you are married, then it is a great time to plan a vacation with your spouse and your entire family.

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Mercury is the lord of the ninth and sixth house for the Capricorn native and would be settling in the eighth house during this transit. You might feel a little low because of the same. Health-wise, you may feel weak and become prone to nerve disorders, cold, flu, and similar diseases. Women can expect some menstrual issues to occur. Also, you might become prone to accidents and unfavourable incidents. Thus, it is advisable that you avoid unnecessary exertion in your body and health and consult a doctor in case of any medical troubles.

However, with Mercury transit in Leo, you shall have the most appropriate deals in business and would have the knack of working hard to possess success. Students involved in research work shall get the results they want. Moreover, if you wish to pursue higher studies, this is the most favourable time for it. With it, you would feel an inclination towards occult sciences and mystical forces.

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For the Aquarius folks, Mercury rules the eighth and the fifth house and would be in the seventh house during this period. It will be an auspicious time for your relationship. You can even expect a new relationship starting in this phase. Students can plan their higher education while this transit exists. In fact, you will also do well in the exams you appear in. Professionally, the transit would be highly auspicious. You shall do well in your workplace and will get appreciation in the same. Moreover, you would build new contacts if in business and accept new ideas and agendas from others.

If you see the other impacts of this transit, you may have issues in planning marriage. Therefore, it is advisable to skip marriage plans for now. However, if you are already married, you shall have a blissful time with your partner and children. Moreover, if finding an ideal partner for marriage, you may have someone with high financial status and excellent education.

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For Pisces natives, Mercury stands as the lord for the seventh and fourth house and would be in the sixth house, where it might not give any favourable results. Married Pisces can expect issues, communication gaps, and misunderstandings in their life. Thus, you must run things slowly and calmly and need to be careful about your tone at work. The Mercury transit in Leo also suggests that you might have strong and active opponents, ready to take on your work life. Also, you must avoid office politics and focus on your matters more than anything else.

Furthermore, Mercury in Leo also says that you must avoid any investment or loans from the market or any connection as it might hit you badly in the long run. With that, health-wise, scenarios shall be unauspicious as well. You might suffer from mental stress and have tensions and diseases because of financial imbalance. However, students can still expect positive results in their exams and studies.

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