Mercury Transit In Aries On April 16 – Find How It will Effect Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury Transit In Aries On April 16 – Find How It will Effect Your Zodiac Sign

Planet Mercury is all set to transit into Aries on April 16, 2021. And the transition will not only change a lot for the Aries Moon natives but for other signs as well. Mercury is the ruler of communication, observation and analytical abilities in a person. The positiveness of Mercury allows the native a sound mind and sharp intellect to help them make better decisions in life.  

Mercury will transit into Aries on 16 April 2021 at 21:05 pm to stay there till 01st May 2021, 05:49 am. After that, Mercury will move into the second sign, Taurus. 

Mercury is also a sign of youthful energy and its moving in Aries, which is said to be the sign of movable energy, will allow one a better grasp of quick learning abilities. So let’s see what more the Mercury transit in Aries in 2021 has for all zodiac signs.

Note the predictions are based on your Moon Sign 

Mercury Transit in Aries for Aries Moon Sign 

For the Aries Moon native, Mercury will transit through the ascendant house or the house of self. Mercury is said to be in its ‘directional strength’ when it is in the ascendant house. The transition will be very beneficial for the Aries native in terms of career. So prepare yourself to enjoy the competitive adrenaline after 16th that will allow you enough ideas that you can execute at the workplace. You would be able to influence your boss with your work. In terms of love, you will find yourself happy with your partner. You two will have a lot to share other than just words. Take the moment to plan a trip or go out for dinner or lunch to spend time together. Nevertheless, the transition could affect your health so ensure you don’t overeat or have much spicy food. Practice meditation and yoga for mental wellbeing. 

Mercury Transit in Aries for Taurus Moon Sign 

Mercury will transit through the twelfth house of your natal chart. The 12th house in Kundli is the house of foreign settlement. So if you own a business in the foreign or are a student seeking to go abroad for studies, this will be a good time to initiate such moves. The transit is likely to be the best time of the year for the Taurus Moon. You are to enjoy the virtues of name and fame and will have enough luck to turn things in your favour. However, you need to get a hold of your expenses as they could pile up during this period. On the romance front, Mercury transit in Aries is very favourable for the singles and equally favourable for the couples. Unmarried couples can take things forward by revealing about their relationship to their respective families. The only thing you would and need to ignore are baseless arguments. 

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Mercury Transit in Aries for Gemini Moon Sign 

Mercury is the Lord of Gemini sign and will transit through the eleventh house of the native. The eleventh house is one of the Upachaya houses in astrology that bestows the person with all kinds of gains and profits in life. Besides gains, a Gemini Moon native during the transition will also experience enhanced creativity and upliftment in communication skills. One will be able to share ideas at the workplace and get the most out of their intellect. You will also have the blessing of heightened immunity to fight diseases. If you have been planning to start a business or change job, this is a good time to consider the action. Your negotiation skills will help you attract good deals for yourself. If you are to get married any time soon, the transition period is a good time for shopping. Both unmarried and married couples will have the blessings of an unprecedented spark in their relationship.

Mercury Transit in Aries for Cancer Moon Sign 

Mercury will transit in the 10th house of a Cancer Moon. The 10th house in Kundli is the house of career. The Mercury transit in Aries on April 16th, 2021 will be favourable in terms of skills enhancement and brewing of creative ideas. You will be able to achieve targets in time and will win pats on the back for the same. If you are a part of a foreign job or import-export business, prepare yourself for happy news in terms of finances. This is a good time to travel if you have been planning to go on a trip lately. The married life will bloom more than it ever has. Planning a baby could be at the top of your priority list. Some issues with parents seem to be brewing but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Try to be more open about how you feel on a daily basis and allow yourself the self-care that you deserve. 

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Mercury Transit in Aries for Leo Moon Sign 

Leo Moon will host Mercury in the 9th house of their Kundli. The transit is very beneficial for the Leo Moon native in almost all fields. The period will bestow upon the native luck and prosperity in terms of income and gains. You will enjoy the feeling of good status in society. If you have been a part of a judicial matter for a while now, it is more likely to get resolved. One involved in a family or ancestral business will see enhancement in profit. Also, it is a good time to begin something new and it could be something as small as a health care routine or as big as starting your own business. On the health front, obesity can become your friend if you don’t pay attention to your diet. If you are planning a date, try to wear the light pink colour for luck. Be open about your feelings altogether. 

Mercury Transit in Aries for Virgo Moon Sign 

Mercury will ascendant through the eighth house of the Virgo Moon native. The eighth house in astrology is the house of sudden changes and transformation of all sorts. The transit of mercury in Aries can affect you negatively. As Mercury also governs the tenth house of your Kundli, which is the house of profession, you are to see changes in your professional life that may not be as per your plans. The period could add to your anxiety and you might feel the need to run away from responsibilities. The urge to accumulate wealth through false means would also find its place. But we suggest you to not fall for the urge and wait for the time to pass by while doing your best. Also, the transition won’t be beneficial in terms of health. So it’s advised you pay proper attention to your health. Take enough rest and try to be around your family as much as possible. 

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Mercury Transit in Aries for Libra Moon Sign 

For the Libra native, Mercury will be transiting through the seventh house. The seventh house in Vedic astrology is of marital happiness and partnership. Professionally, the period is a glimmer of hope for the ones looking forward to getting into new partnerships. You will have the chances to earn money from multiple sources. If you have invested in a foreign partnership or are wanting to be a part of a new one, the time is right to initiate the move. Anyone looking for a partner or one wanting to get married will have the luck to find one for themselves. However, don’t try to get into flings or it will hamper your current relationship or even your desire for lifelong love. Healthwise too, the transition will be beneficial and will bestow you with positivity in terms of mental peace.  

Mercury Transit in Aries for Scorpio Moon Sign 

For the Scorpio Moon, Mercury will move through the sixth house. The sixth house represents loans, enemies, diseases and obstacles. And though it sounds bad, however, a Scorpio native is to enjoy mixed results during the transition period. Firstly, the Scorpio Moon must ensure to not indulge in arguments, especially at the workplace. Also, pay extra focus on your health as you could be running low on immunity and may find yourself weak physically. You also need to rein your expenditures as they could be on the high side this month. Some of you may also experience a decline in wealth. If seeking to take a loan, at least have an understanding of how you are going to pay it back. Your home environment might remain tense for a while. You don’t have to do much but rein your language and all would end up being fine after a while. 

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Mercury Transit in Aries for Sagittarius Moon Sign 

For the Sagittarius Moon, Mercury will transit through the fifth house that is the house of love and romance. Besides feeling deeply for someone, the period will also allow you to have a better understanding of the relationship you share with someone. Your spouse is likely to see growth in professional terms. Also, you will get to behold your children’s progression across domains. In terms of professional life, your knowledge and creativity will be on the high side. You will be able to accomplish your task with ease. Those running business in partnership will see the most gains. Sagittarius moon students must, however, take special care of their studies as they would be prone to distraction from the opposite gender. Anxiety and dread of the future could make your work harder. We recommend to not take stress but chalk down a schedule and abide by it for results. 

Mercury Transit in Aries for Capricorn Moon Sign 

For the Capricorn Moon natives, Mercury will be transiting through the fourth house. The fourth house rules the traits like mother, real estate and happiness. The natives need to pay special attention to the health of their mother as it is likely to remain weak throughout the transition period. There are also chances of you getting involved in a legal case, which would add to your stress during the transition period. Spending some time amidst the garden will bring you relief of sorts. For married couples, your spouse is to be blessed with an authoritative position in professional life. Some memories of the past are also likely to return and might emotionally drain you out. While business will bring you gains, however, health issues like cold, cough, chest congestion will plague your life experience.

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Mercury Transit in Aries for Aquarius Moon Sign 

Aquarius moon will see Mercury transiting through the third house. The third house rules the traits like communication, siblings, journeys and efforts. Mercury is the governor of the third house so you can expect some benefits coming your way. Aquarius’ sign is very innovative in nature and your efforts with innovation will help you have the results that you seek. You will enjoy an edge over your competitors and will have lots of extra ideas to present. The period is right to buy something new that you have been looking forward to. Your siblings may have to face issues during Mercury transit in Aries so try to be their guard. The one in a relationship must not hide anything from their partner. Your open nature will bring you closer to them. As the third house is the house of hobbies, you can try to adopt one that enhances your self-care regime. 

Mercury Transit in Aries for Pisces Moon Sign 

For the Pisces Moon, Mercury will transit in the second house. The second house governs speech, accumulated wealth and the family of the native. The combination will deliver auspicious benefits on a large scale. Your wealth prospects will remain stable for the majority of the transition period. However, a sense of boredom and unwillingness to work or not to be a part of anything hectic; might be upon your head. This is not something you must ignore. It’s your mental health calling you to get more serious about what you do and what you must be doing. As travel prospects are on the higher side, you may want to plan for yourself a vacation with your family or your loved ones. Spending time amidst the virgin environment will add to your mental bliss and will make you productive thereafter. 

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