Lunar eclipse 2021 and its effects on your zodiac sign

Lunar eclipse 2021 and its effects on your zodiac sign

As we inch closer to the end of the year, we still have some aesthetic natural phenomenons left to behold. And one among them is Lunar eclipse 2021, scheduled for November 19. 

Interestingly, apart from the Lunar eclipse, we also will witness the Solar eclipse 2021 on December 4. And just like we predicted the effects of the solar eclipse that took place on June 10 on each zodiac sign, this time too, we will let you know how the upcoming solar and lunar eclipse can change your destiny. 

What is Lunar eclipse 2021? 

Lunar eclipse is one of the most significant events in astrology. A Lunar eclipse occurs on a full moon day when the Earth is between the sun and the moon in its orbit. As the Earth is between the sun and the moon, it casts its shadow on the moon, which blocks the light falling on the moon. It is then the colour of the moon changes slightly to red or orange. This play of the celestial bodies on Lunar eclipse day in 2021 has significant effects on each zodiac sign. 

Will Lunar Eclipse 2021 be visible in India?

No, lunar eclipse 2021 will not be visible in India, however, in the kundli, the transition does happen for all of us. So while you can’t see the eclipse from India, you must be ready to feel its effects. The effects will be majorly on the feminine characteristics like feelings, emotions and mother because Moon rules over these aspects.

Lunar eclipse 2021 date and time

The next Lunar eclipse in 2021 will happen on November 21. The eclipse will occur on November 19, 2021, between 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It might not be visible in India.

With that being said, here is how the partial lunar eclipse will affect each zodiac sign:

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Aries

The Aries natives will see a major boost in happiness post the Lunar eclipse 2021. You will keenly lookout for things to enjoy as others matters, like career, will be resolved. Also, most of you will be interested to find love and will have good luck in that genre. This would be a great time to take on a travelling adventure with the one you love or have just started dating. Even a family trip will help you bond well. In your career, you will become more imaginative and put in extra effort to complete your tasks.

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However, what you need to keep in check during this period is your ego and pride as it may inflate and may not be liked by many. Also, make sure you are not burdening your mother with work as this is not the best time for her in terms of health. If you are in a sports-related field, this will be a good time for you. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Taurus

The Lunar eclipse 2021 for Taurus will inundate these people with new opportunities to make money. You will be able to save more and will see your financial woes plunging slowly and steadily. During this period, you will find yourself in a hurry to complete a pending task. You might also take on new challenges that will certainly help you in the longer run. Post the eclipse, you will see your family life improving. If you have been looking for a marriage partner, you are likely to find him/her.

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The period, however, will be tough for the singles. As you work to make a good life for yourself, you will likely keep your feelings for someone aside. However, AstroTalk’s astrologers suggest that you think well enough before pushing anyone out of your life because you may not have them again. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Gemini

The good news is that it’s a good time for the Gemini to quench their thirst for wanderlust. And the better news is that you are likely not going alone. The Lunar eclipse, as we said, is about feminine energy. It is to inundate you with confidence to finally find time to ask them out. And certainly, you are to get a positive response. The next step is simply boarding a plane to either find yourself on a beach or some resort amidst the snow-capped mountains. 

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What more the Lunar eclipse has for you is an addition to your artistic skills in the professional space. Huge changes for government employees are expected alongside bonuses or promotions. Relationship with siblings may get sour, but that would be temporary. It is advised that as your go ham into the month, think before you say anything to anyone. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Cancer

The post lunar eclipse period will be delightful for the cancer natives in terms of family bonding. Any past issues will get resolved, and there would be much-needed peace in your relationship. If you have been planning to buy property, this will be a good time to start the hunt. Some kind of celebration in the family is also expected. If you have been trying, you will find a suitable person for marriage proposals in this period. 

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Moreover, the career of your spouse will bloom during this period. You may also start a business if you have been planning for a while. Also, while you like playing with the rules, this period of your life allows you to try new things. Don’t resist yourself, and try to work on your strengths. Long term investments in the stock market would be healthy for you. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Leo

This time is great for any kind of spiritual activity for the Leo natives. If you have got married recently, AstroTalk’s astrologers advise you to go on a spiritual trip with your partner during Lunar eclipse 2021. Moreover, your child’s imaginative skill may bloom during this period and spending more time with him/her will take it further. Sudden changes in business are expected, so be stacked up for the same. If you are in the acting field (not TikTok kind of acting), this will be a good time for you. 

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On the downside, the upcoming time may make you more self-centred and arrogant. This could be because of your tendency to not share your feelings with others and thinking that no one cares about you. Also, you need to keep an eye on your excessive pride as it may swell and harm you. Moreover, your finances would remain stable, but this is not a good time to invest in a vehicle. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Virgo

Lunar Eclipse 2021 effects are motivating the Virgo to pay attention to their health. Certainly, you will have the motivation to invest in physical activities like joining a gym or a Zumba class. Also, AstroTalk’s astrologers suggest that you must invest in healthier diets to safeguard yourself from health issues awaiting you in 2022. Moreover, in the upcoming time, you will see your business prospering so make sure you sort out cash for investment purposes. 

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As you head into the coming months, you will see your courage booming. You will become more self-reliant and will be able to make better decisions both personally and professionally. Small changes are likely to bring big transformation, so make maximum use of them. Also, invest in painting with a water element in it. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Libra

This eclipse period is an excellent time for the single Libras to commit to someone special and let a new chapter of their life begin. Even if you had to go through a heartbreak recently, you would be able to recover from it and start a new better chapter of your life. Interestingly, some of the committed people will be prompted to tie the knot and certainly it would be a good decision if you are a Libra. As far as finance goes, you will see your business prospering during the lunar eclipse period.

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In addition, if you are a lawyer, travel agent or investment banker, you will gain highly from this period. In terms of family, your child may be wasting a lot of time. This is something you need to keep an eye on. Also, your spouse may want to start something new and it’s time that you allow them your support. If you are a single parent, this is not the best time to find a partner.

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Scorpio

For the Scorpio natives, the effects of Lunar eclipse will be affecting the ones in the research field the most. So if you are a Scorpion pursuing a PhD or anything scientific, then be ready to witness the time of your life. Moreover, your relationship with your in-laws will also improve and this will bring much happiness to your space. As Moon is the feminine energy and Scorpio is all about sex, this area will be the most advantageous. Your thirst for physical encounters will increase. However, make sure you don’t use other people in an attempt to satisfy the same. 

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In terms of profession, you will be more aggressive towards achieving your goals. And thus may not be able to give time to others. You may also be rude to some people but they won’t take it to heart. It is advised that you follow your timetable and try to be polite to others. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Sagittarius

The ruler of the thighs, Sagittarius, may go on new adventures post the eclipse period says the predictions. And we wonder who you are taking yourself with on these adventures. Interestingly, the chances of taking religious trips are also blooming. However, we suggest you don’t take your father on any such trip for now. If you are in the creative field, you may see some changes that may not be in your favour. It would simply be one of the bad times of your life that you would certainly get over.  

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Nevertheless, many of you may benefit from a new rule that would come from the government. If you like plants, this would be the most perfect time to get some for yourself as they will bring peace and tranquillity to your home. Any kind of pooja that happens after the Lunar eclipse will be beneficial for you. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Capricorn

Career will be the most affected area for the Capricorn natives during the eclipse period. So if you are struggling to find a job, you will certainly see your luck blooming. Also, any new business that is related to green energy will give you many gains during this period. For the settled ones, a sudden change in job is possible. Around all this, your mental health may take a beating so make sure you invest in making a healthy environment for yourself to be in. Getting yourself a pet will help you.

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If you are a student, you will work harder towards your goals. The thrust to this energy will be a feeling of getting left behind. However, don’t let such feelings overpower you. Past issues in the workplace are likely to soon start vanishing. Priests may be very disciplined, and changes in religious activities might affect others as well.

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Aquarius

For the Aquarius natives, the good news is that an established business will bring profits for now. The opens expecting a new job will find it for themselves much quicker than before. Moreover, if you are trying to forge a new business, make sure you work in partnership with someone you can trust the most. In this period, you may also feel a bit materialistic and may spend more than you should. Romantic life in this period will be top-notch. And also, the physical relationships will be more satisfying than ever due to the feminine characteristics of the moon. 

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On the downside, the period may make you a bit rude towards your loved ones, especially the children. You may also acquire some bad habits, which may be hard to give up. Thus it is advisable that you think before you speak. Also, make sure you invest in yoga so you are able to connect better. 

Lunar eclipse 2021 for Pisces

Finally, for the Pisces natives, the lunar eclipse 2021 brings a chance to travel abroad. This could either be business-related travel or a spiritual trip. You might visit some kind of ashram and start worshipping. Also, the astrologers advise the Pisces natives to be extra careful about their health during this period. Start doing yoga and meditation. If you have taken a loan and were struggling to pay it back, the eclipse may plunge that struggle. 

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Moreover, you may find yourself getting more emotional during this period. You may miss someone and may not be able to control your feelings due to Moon’s feminine energy. In such situations, having a day off with someone close is the best thing to do. If you are a businessman, your employees are likely to be devoted towards you, so be polite towards them.

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