Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Women

Left Eye Blinking Meaning For Women

Eye twitching is a common phenomenon that you all might have experienced at some point in life. And what’s more common is people predicting the occurrence of good and bad happenings on the basis of which of their eye twitches.

Interestingly, not only India but several other countries also entertain beliefs of their own when it comes to eye twitching. For example, in Hawaii, the twitching of the left eye indicates the arrival of death, and the twitching of the right eye signifies childbirth. In China, the right eye blinking is associated with incoming fortune, while the twitching of the left signifies doom.

In India, however, the concept goes a bit deeper. Unlike China or Hawaii, where the good or bad results are associated with which eye blinks irrespective of gender, in India and Vedic astrology, gender is the key when it comes to predicting your future as per eye twitching. In India, left eye twitching has a different meaning for men and women, and the same goes for right eye twitching.

Eye twitching legends from Ramayana 

Interestingly the sagas of eye twitching are born out of Ramayana. There is a verse in Ramayana, which explains the legend of eye twitching. The verse is about the words that Lord Rama said to Lakshaman when the latter came looking for Rama, leaving Sita alone in the jungle.

As Rama saw Laskashman, he said –  Lakshmana, Sita virahitam tvaam doore pathi drishtva, me savyam nayanam, bahu cha, hridayam cha sphurathe.

Meaning, Hey Lakshman, seeing you without Sita at a distance, my left eye is twitching, hands are trembling, and my heart is pulsing. 

Self explanatory, isn’t it?

The second legend is from the time when Rama has reached the shores of the sea and was constructing a bridge to reach Lanka to rescue Sita. It was then Ravana went to Ashoka Vana with a final threat for Sita. He asked Sita to marry him or else he would order the rakshasis to kill her.

Sita didn’t flinch to the threats and told Ravana that how she, using the power of her Pativratya, could kill Ravana using just a twig of grass. But she wouldn’t as it was Rama who was supposed to kill him. It was at this moment when Sita’s left eye started twitching along with Ravana’s left eye. What this meant was that something good was going to happen to Sita whilst something really bad for Ravana.

Left eye twitching meaning for females

Coming back to the topic, you must have understood by now that left eye blinking for women mans that something good is on the way.

The twitching of the left eye (बायीं आँख फड़कना) in women is a good sign as per Indian astrologers. The twitching of the left eye indicates that something good awaits you. It is a sign that you may finally get something that you have been waiting long for. This could be in terms of love, job, money, judicial relief, etc. Also, the left eye blinking in females is the sign of the arrival of happiness in the family. There will be peace in your space as you will be able to forge better relations with all the family members. The couples in the room will have more intimacy and will be able to spend some quality time with each other both on and off the sheets.  

The area of the eye which twitches also has a distinct definition. Meaning, sometimes, we experience that only a part of the eye is twitching and not the whole eye. So if the left eye in women is twitching in all directions, then it means that there are prospects of marriage brewing up for the woman. However, if only the part of the eye near the nose of the women twitches, then it signifies the birth of the child along with a windfall of luck at your doorsteps.

Well, that is all left eye blinking for women, we will soon cover right eye blinking meaning for women and men too. Watch out for this space. Till then, Also Read: 6 Types Of Toes And What They Reveal About Your Personality.

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