Learning to Love Starts

Learning to Love Starts

Katherien Lundin, clairvoyant medium, shares some of her personal thoughts on spirituality and how important it is to open the door for connection to Self, Soul, and Spirit. She has also helped with paranormal and psychic investigations throughout her career. 

What are your origins?

My mother is Chilean and my father is Hungarian. I grew up in a very colorful environment, full of folklore and talk of spiritual phenomena. I am a first generation Canadian. My lineage is very much tied to spirituality on both sides of my family. 

My father’s father fought in WW 11 and when he returned, he would hear knocking at all times of night. He subsequently became a priest because of this. My mother was very into prediction, coming from a farming background where crop predictions would once have been highly regarded. This, combined with the fact that I was brought up Roman Catholic, meant that we were really a very open spiritual family. 

How did you first discover your psychic abilities?

I was shy, and very clumsy and I always felt different to others. Besides often hearing my name being called and other such things, my clumsiness was always, in my mind, because I was being pushed, physically pushed. 

One of my earliest recollections is of myself on a swing, and I was with a friend of mine (Trisha), who was sitting on top of a stack of tires. In my third eye (which was an alien concept to me at the time), I heard her screaming and then saw her falling. I then got off my swing, and as I did so, she screamed and fell. I always had premonitions, whether I heard, saw or felt things. You only realize that you are different when you verbalize this to others outside of the family. 

If you could change something in your life, and perhaps that of others, what would it be?

Judgement, and this covers all facets of life. My husband, soul mate and best friend, encouraged me to ‘come out’ and share my gifts with others. I previously worked in management and healthcare for many years before doing this professionally..but even now, there is judgement. If I had my way, I would wave my magic wand and make judgement vanish into thin air ;).

How can we define ‘soul purpose’?

I have always believed that soul purpose is about love. It’s about learning to love, but it starts with Self. That is the soul purpose; is self love. How much do you love yourself, and accept yourself? 

Once this is achieved, it blossoms like a flower and it touches everything around us. Unfortunately most of us get wrapped up in the material side of life and we forget that LOVE is more important than any trip we could ever go on, or mansion we could ever buy. 

Are most of your clients people who have lost loved ones relatively recently?

No! It’s a mix. I have clients seeking direction and validation as well as hope. This is more the predictive aspect of what I do.  

When spirits pass to the other side, do they sometimes find it hard to connect (through you) with those left behind?

I am the messenger and I play charades. A lot of it has to do with expectation. What are you as a client expecting from this session? Are you expecting me to tell you that your lost loved one (who was not talkative in life) is here desperately trying to speak…this will not be the case. The louder ones, just as in life, are the ones that come through first. Connecting with ‘quieter’ spirits may take longer.  

Do you believe that ‘negative’ emotions such as guilt, anger and hatred are carried through with one’s spirit?

Yes and no. A trauma-based passing is likely to leave a scar and ongoing pain even in the spiritual realm. Someone who has passed after having an unresolved argument with a loved one for example, is not usually left with emotional scarring. The spirit will have let go, and moved on. Sometimes a message will come through clearly, apologizing to their loved one, but sometimes this may not/never happen. 

Sometimes when people pass, they are in a lot of pain, but this is more often than not never shown to me. The spirit has let go. Sometimes they may touch on it, but it is seldom a prominent issue. However, often with disabilities, the spirit will express their frustration and pain that was felt during their life. 

I also choose to ‘let in’ who I connect with. I don’t linger with negative energies. Sometimes someone will appear and I have no idea why he is here or what he wants. A few days later, his wife or child will come to me and once this has happened, the spirit will depart. 

What are your views on prediction?

Doors open more easily for us. We can’t change certain aspects like who we meet or who we are connected to, but we do have choice in all of this. I am a believer of ..’Yes, this may occur, but your reaction can be that of your choice’. 

Freewill is of the essence; we can choose how we perceive things and how we react. I tell people exactly what I see, but my opinion is irrelevant. The person’s choice is what matters. I believe in soulmates (or soul connections) and there can be a few. It doesn’t have to have romantic attachments.

I would like to add that I am also the host of a new podcast called Dead Time. I have a variety of guests within the spiritual realm, on a global scale. It is for those who are seeking ‘what it is’. My podcast defines each modality with clarity. Check out the links below:




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