Ketu In 6th House: Meaning, Impact And Remedies

Ketu In 6th House: Meaning, Impact And Remedies

Planet Ketu marks the exit of the cravings and desires for materialism in a person’s life. Moreover, it shifts your interest from lavishness and needs to spirituality and detachments. The sixth house in astrology mainly focuses on the accidental areas of life. Whether you will be into injuries or ailments or not, you can know by the ill or benefic placement of planet Ketu in 6th house of your chart.

In fact, the hurdles and obstacles you will confront at different stages of your life could be known via the sixth house in Vedic astrology. While, how you will deal the same, you can see this by the positioning of Ketu in sixth house in your chart.

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However, if you already hold the information, how Ketu in the sixth house affects various aspects of your life.

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What affects Ketu in sixth house?

The sixth house in the chart of the native is very important. It shows your health and well-being and determination to fight the obstacles in your life. And, when Ketu places in the 6th house of your chart, it influences all these aspects of your life, either in a good way or nasty way.

But what influences this shadow planet in this house? Let us have a look at that:

  • Placement with Mars: Mars planet relates highly with diseases. Also, Mars planet is an enemy of Ketu. With the conjunction of Mars with Ketu in sixth house, you can expect a difficult time dealing with ailments. Skin rashes, diseases related to digestion, and on top, blood-related problems will be more if both of them are in the sixth house of your chart.
  • Zodiac sign of the 6th house: Ketu is the chief enemy of the zodiac sign Leo and Cancer. So, if you have Cancer or Leo as the sign of your sixth house, expect Ketu, evilly influencing your life. You shall suffer from hostility issues, and that trying factor for overcoming the problems in life will lack too.

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Positive effects of Ketu in 6th house

Ketu is a shadow plane, but it isn’t all bad. With Ketu in 6th house of your Kundali, let us see what positive impacts you would seek:

  • Occult and spiritual knowledge: You shall possess occult powers. Plus, you could also interest yourself with spirituality. You will have a special interest in praying and being into shrines. Though you would own a mysterious nature yet spiritual wisdom and mystical knowledge will be high in you.
  • Influencing personality: You will be a good orator and would also present your point flawlessly to the public. You will have a great conversation with everyone, and people will listen to the advice you offer. Furthermore, you would be a great motivation to people and shall offer inspirational talks to the listeners.
  • Healthy well-being: Health-wise, things will be great for you. You will be prosperous in life with the benefic placement of Ketu in sixth house of your horoscope. If and ever you go through any disease, overcoming the same won’t be very hard for you.
  • Positive attitude towards life: Hurdles in life shall be there. However, with the benefic placement of Ketu in 6th house in your chart, you shall fight it all with positivity and firm intensity. With being full of desires, you shall be high on aspirations as well. The same will make you achieve more than the requirement in life with the planet Ketu in 6th house in your Kundali.
  • Successful love life: Love life will be blissful and pleasant, and you will always seek the support of your partner in the things you do in your life.
  • Getting over situations: There are some possibilities that you suffer from disloyalty from servants. However, that would be more in your head than in reality and you will pass through the same. At the same time, you will be into multiple enmities and hostile situations. But, you will fight back all of them with a bang and optimistic attitude.

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Negative effects of Ketu in 6th house

You must not expect much favourability with the placement of Ketu in sixth house of your horoscope. In what ways, the shadow planet would impact your life in a negative manner, let us have a look:

  • Accidents and health miseries: It might make you pretty vulnerable to accidents and injuries. You shall also catch many health issues, especially at the early ages of your life.
  • Obstructions and hard life: Plus, there would be many obstacles and obstructions in life. Nothing shall come to you the easy way. The same shall follow you in your professional life as well. Despite the fact you would have the knack of getting over the challenges in life and getting over the obstructions, you shall have a tough time dealing with situations and scenarios.
  • Professional troubles: Fear of government and governmental organizations will haunt you with Ketu in 6th house in your Kundali. You might also have a bad image in your workplace and face humiliation in public very often. You may have a low position in your office or go through hard times when putting effort into promotions. Success in work or grabbing a good job would be tough of a task. However, at later ages in your life, you shall find a satisfying and contented one.
  • Argumentive relationship: When in a relationship, you might be in an argumentative attitude towards your partner. There shall be fights on useless and unnecessary topics all the time.
  • Violent personality: Furthermore, when there is ill Ketu in sixth house of your chart, you shall also have violent tendencies. You might be into criminal or anti-social activities and suffer because of the same.

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Ketu in sixth house remedies

Dealing with the ill effects of Ketu in 6th house is very hard. Therefore for the same, you may look to these remedies if you are suffering from an afflicted case of Ketu in sixth house:

  • You must wear a gold ring on the finger of your left hand.
  • Also, you must wear gold earrings in your ear.
  • Moreover, have milk with saffron mixed in it, daily in the morning and at night.
  • Also, to move away from the ill effects of Ketu in sixth house, you must keep a dog as a pet. Take good care of it and serve him fresh food daily.
  • Donate blankets to poor people or folks in the temple on Sundays and Wednesdays for at least four weeks.

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