Kailash Mela In Agra: An Auspicious Shravan Ka Somvar Fair To Cherish

Kailash Mela In Agra: An Auspicious Shravan Ka Somvar Fair To Cherish

Agra is one of the cities with a number of monuments and a site of significant temples and festivals. Agra Kailash Mela is one such spiritual carnival celebrated each year. People from different parts of the country experience its auspiciousness and witness the chants and mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kailash Mela in Agra occurs precisely at the Kailash Mandir, which is approximately 12 km from the main city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Generally, the months of August and September experience the Mela. Specifically, the third Monday of Shravan gets celebrated as Kailash Mela. And, this year the Agra Kailash Mela is on August 9, 2021. Possessing a special place in the hearts of numerous Lord Shiva followers, it is the most important “Shravan ka Somavar” to the state and the city.

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The mythological tale behind the day

Folks believe that the Lord Shiva of the Kailash Mandir in Agra is around five thousand years old. There are two Shivlings, and each adds to the temple’s glory in its own way. And Kailash Mela in Agra is one of the most spiritual and holy times to worship and please Lord Shiva.

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What exactly is the tale behind celebrating the fair? Let us see that.

This tale from Hindu mythologies is from the Treta Yuga. It comes from the era when Lord Parshuram and his father Jamadagni. They traveled to worship and please Lord Shiva at Kailash Parvat. There, they penanced to delight the idol Shiva to ask for a boon. Being happy with the same, Lord Shiva gave them a boon in the form of two Shivlings, one to each. 

When both left for the Renuka Ashram (on the banks of Yamuna River), they took a rest. The place they chose was almost 6kms away from their Ashram. They placed the Shivlings on the land and slept. In the morning, when they woke up and tried to lift the Shivlings, they encountered defeat. No matter how hard they tried, the efforts were useless.

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Thus, after countless tries, both of them decided to settle the Shivlings there with adequate rituals and worshiped them. And to celebrate this auspicious event, the city celebrates the Agra Kailash Mela.

Devotees also believe that on this very day, Lord Shiva himself appears in the disguise of the Lingam. Also, he listens to its devotees’ prayers and fulfills them. And believing in the same, thousands of Shiva Bhakt worship the temple on the third Shravan ka Somvar and pray and wish. While later in the evening enjoy the Kailash Mela in Agra.

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The glee of Kailash Mela in Agra

Like any other spiritual carnival, Kailash Mela has its own vibrancy. From ambiance to the crowd, it just turns the fair into a joyful event of holiness and happiness. You take the streets, or the devotees outside the Kailash temple Agra all of them are totally in the mood of devotion. They set themselves to worship Lord Shiva and its magnificence from weeks back the third Monday of Shravan.

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Shops get set with temple and puja stuff. Not just this, with sweets for prasad and toys for kids, you can give a look at the ornaments too. The same gets the company of the little idols of Lord Shiva and the Shivlings.

As Agra is one of the most prominent tourist spots, foreign visitors and folks from all over the country also enjoy the environment of Agra Kailash Mela with utmost devotion. Mornings get filled up with Puja and chants while, the evenings with Lord Shiva songs and Bhajans. It is truly a treat to experience the blissful gathering on this Shravan ka Somvar at Kailash Temple Agra.

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