Journey into Your Stars

Journey into Your Stars

Rhetta Rowland, Evolutionary Astrologer and Executive Coach, shares her views on how astrology can help you find your purpose and live a more meaningful, enjoyable life. 

Tell us about your journey with Astrology.

Astrology actually found me. I always believed I would have a career in the corporate world. I had an MBA and was working in branding and marketing roles. My last job was for a huge Fortune 100 corporation managing large projects and working across a broad range of teams, specialists, and outside agencies. I became fascinated with personal and professional development as a tool for creating more collaborative, productive teams. We used Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, and many other personality typing tools in an attempt to find ways to learn about ourselves and each other.  During this time period, I was “randomly” seated next to a Jungian Analyst/Archetypal Astrologer at a dinner party and quickly became fascinated by what she could tell me about myself simply by knowing when I was born. I didn’t give her any additional information or sway the results by filling out a questionnaire. Prior to this, I had absolutely no in-depth knowledge of astrology, only what I had read in the back of magazines.

 After a few in-depth sessions with this astrologer, I was hooked and began to read all the astrology books I could get my hands on. This soon led me to my teacher, Steven Forrest, who I started studying seriously with that same year when I joined his Apprenticeship Program. I continued studying with him for years and eventually earned a Master’s Certification in Evolutionary Astrology.

Would you say that Evolutionary Astrology is a counseling tool?

Yes, definitely. One of the founding principles of Evolutionary Astrology is the belief that humans are not stagnant, but evolving, changing, growing beings, and that we are here to evolve. When looking at a natal chart through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, I remind my clients that their soul chose to be here in their body, their specific family, and their life, in order to learn, experience, and change something they were not able to do in a previous life. This is an essential part of their purpose. Knowing this can unlock the mystery of why a person is here now and point her toward living a more aligned, inspired life. 

 Another way Evolutionary Astrology is a good counseling tool is in its approach to the signs. Since people are not stagnant, a fixed description of a Sun sign doesn’t reflect how helpful astrology can be. When you hear someone say “Oh Leos always do that” or “Scorpios are always like this” it’s putting someone in a box, denying the possibility of change. 

 At the risk of oversimplifying it, let’s say I’m working with a client whose Sun is in Capricorn. I’d tell her she is not A Capricorn; she is Capricorn-ing. She is learning the lessons of Capricorn. At its core, Capricorn is fascinated with what is difficult and requires focused, steady effort over a long period of time. So for her to feel sunny, aligned, and energized, she will need to find a mountain to climb that challenges her and it must also be one of her choosing. That mountain can be anything – writing a book, going to medical school, raising a family – as long as it’s a mountain she feels called to climb, not simply one she is capable of climbing. In some cases, a single conversation is all the client needs to know the next right step. In others, a client may desire ongoing coaching to guide her to the clarity to choose her right mountain – career or life choice. My role is to guide her to clarify what she wants, and then partner with her to create an action plan for a more aligned life.

How is astrology shaping the world we live in today?

Evolutionary Astrology supports the expansion of consciousness. It’s one way to see yourself more honestly, as well as the part you play in the greater whole. I love seeing people wake up to the realization of who they really are. When they start to follow their calling, they light up and live with more ease and joy. And they’re able to make better decisions for themselves and those around them, even, ultimately, the planet. 

 I particularly love the fact that astrology is finding broader acceptance, even more so than just a few years ago, and specifically in corporate America. I have several corporate clients and work with them to improve team performance through my Conscious Co-working Workshops. It’s a great tool for enhancing EQ through playful, yet meaningful, dialogue.

Does destiny play a role?

I believe in free will, and I also believe in the call: that a soul may feel called to do something or live somewhere. I believe this calling is embedded in our DNA, and we have it from our first breath. But the world we live in today is so fast-paced and demanding, we stop listening to that inner voice of wisdom that tells us what to do and who to be.

 Astrology is one tool that can remind us of who we were before all the social and familial programming. Evolutionary Astrology helps us to find direction while going through any transition or difficulty we face during life, professional, relationship-oriented, or a new phase. We can reconnect with our true selves and move forward with serenity and calm.

Do you believe we can all live up to our full potential, and if we did, what major changes would occur?

I do believe that we are capable of change and learning from our experiences. So that we may ultimately live more consciously, in alignment with our true selves, each other, and the planet. This requires each individual to have the willingness to look at themselves honestly and take the next right step. 

What can one expect from a session with you?

For a Soul Desire Session, I look at my client’s natal chart, which is a snapshot of where all the planets were at the moment of their birth. This isn’t just a map of the sky; it’s also this person’s “lesson plan” for this lifetime. I remind them of why their soul is here, their evolutionary lessons, and the gifts they have specifically for this journey. For a follow-up session, we look at where the planets are currently and what is being triggered – such as are you in a current cycle requesting change or commitment.

 Leaving a session, clients say they feel validated, seen, and known in a deep, profound way. And most have renewed clarity about the next step to take. 

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