International Women’s Day 2021- Powerful Women in History who share your Zodiac Sign

International Women’s Day 2021- Powerful Women in History who share your Zodiac Sign

Women are the pillar of society, an outstanding creation by God. A woman is capable of being compassionate, fierce, nurturing and the epitome of life on earth. Every woman has these amazing qualities. Astrology will shed light on the different aspects of women. On the occasion of International women’s day, we will discover the famous women in history who share your zodiac sign. 

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. This day holds value as it commemorates every woman across the globe. So let’s pay our tribute to the mover and shaker of the world through astrology. 


Aries women possess great leadership qualities. You are straightforward and always up for a fight. You don’t shy away from any task in hand and pledge to do the impossible. Challenges on your way only motivate you to go forward in life. Success is always in your mind which is why you share your sign with Emma Waston. She is a British actor and activist. She preaches women empowerment through various social activities.


Taurus women are trustworthy and loyal to the core. As a Taurus female, you embody the essence of love around you. Nevertheless, you are also hard-working when it comes to your career. You try to strike a balance in your personal as well as professional life. Down to earth and humble yet strong enough to shred their enemies into pieces. Queen Elizabeth 2  a Taurus is the most respected female figure in the world. She has left a mark as she is the longest-serving monarch in the world.

Manushi Chillar the Miss Wolrd 2017 is a fine example of a Taurus sign. Chillar was the 6th representative from India to have won the Miss Wolrd title. She definitely made the country proud with her talent and beauty.


To a Gemini woman, change is the only constant. You are independent and smart enough to handle complex situations. You have amazing communication skills which in turn makes you stand out. In fact, fact, your outgoing personality may sometimes outshine other females around you. Thus, you share your zodiac sign with Anne Frank a Jewish Teenager who went into hiding during the second world war. Anne Frank gained popularity after the publication of the book the Diary of a Young Girl. 

Helen Keller was also a Gemini,  the first deaf and blind person to receive a bachelor in arts degree. She is still the most influential figure in the history of mankind.


Cancer women are emotional and guarded at the same time. You are more than caring in nature and try to bring about a solid change in society. Moreover, you have a motherly vibe around you, which makes you reliable and nurturing. You love and oftentimes overlook our own needs. As a Cancer female, you share your sign with Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel prize laureate. Many young girls see her as a source of inspiration and light during dark times. Kalpana Chawla is another fine example of life and sacrifice. She was the first woman astronaut of Indian origin to go to space and became a prominent figure worldwide.


As a Leo woman, you have a bold and outgoing personality. You are ambitious but that doesn’t undermine your generosity. You have the kindest heart of the zodiac signs. It is true that you carry your heart on your sleeves and yet guard your emotions with a shield. You possess the strongest leadership quality as a woman. Jk Rowling is a British author who made her presence known by the bestselling book Harry Potter series is Leo. She made headlines when she was claimed as the first US billionaire only from selling books. 


Virgo women pay attention to detail which makes them efficient and practical. Your approach towards life is methodical. The perfectionist in you never dies and thus makes you stand out at the workplace. In addition, you resemble Mother Teresa who dedicated all her life to serving the people in the Calcutta slums. She adopted the life of a nun to serve mankind in her best possible way. In Fact, she also won a Nobel Peace Prize after her death. 


Libra women are exceptional diplomats, having their way with words. You seek the deeper meaning of life and indulge in healthy debates. Your immense knowledge about almost diverse topics makes you a quintessential package of everything nice. Moreover, your creativity and peace-loving behaviour appeal to everyone. You share your sign with the greatest Tennis player, Serena Williams. She has the second-most titles in the women’s Grand Slam category. As a sports person, she is a well-renowned name in almost every household.


Scorpio women have a magnetic and intense aura. You guys can charm your way through and make heads turn with your vibrant personality. The females of this sign are irresistible, sensual and reveal the depth of the female zodiac sign. The most established figure in history, Indira Gandhi was also a Scorpio sign. She was the first and to date the only woman prime minister of India. 

Sania Mirza also is a true Scorpio. She won 6 grand slams in her professional tennis career. Further, she was ranked as India’s no.1 player by the Women’s Tennis Association. 


Fearless and adventurous Sagiuttaruius women have the potential to change the world through their fresh perspective. Your open-mindedness and need for change are what makes you special. People may come and go but you never lose your focus. Pratibha Patil was elected as the first female President of India in the year 2007. She is a fine example of a Sagittarius sign, unphased and unparallel.

Taylor Swift has also left a mark in the music industry with her record-breaking tracks. She has won 10 Grammys and is worth 360 million dollars at the age of 29 only.


Capricorn women have a sense of poise and confidence in them. You are strong from the outside but you expect love and affection like any other human. However, you are highly independent and disciplined when it comes to your career and finances. You sure give major inspirational goals to your female companion. You share your sign that Michele Obama was the first African American first lady of the United States. She is an attorney and a true role model to many across the globe. She advocates high education, a healthy lifestyle and the education of adolescent girls. 


Aquarius females are not your everyday type of people that you come across. You are mysterious and extremely intellectual. The need for making the world a better place is your main motto in life. You find the deeper meaning of life and do not rely on material realms. Sarojini Naidu was also an Aquarius. She did justice to the Aquarius trait by fighting for the rights of women and was a crucial figure in the struggle for Indian independence. In fact, India celebrates National Women’s Day on her birthday which is 13th February every year.


As a Pisces female, you are selfless and charitable. You keep people above you and provide them with the love and care they deserve. Your compassionate side is what makes you stand out. Moreover, you tend to do selfless service without any exception of reward or appreciation. Mary Kom is the example of a true Pisces female,  she bagged seven medals in all the world championships in boxing. She catered to her children yet worked tremendously to become a prominent figure in our History. 

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