Guidance and being straightforward

Guidance and being straightforward

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Michelle Gray, a psychic medium based in Florida. Michelle told us about her gift, how her readings work and also how her background with fitness helps in the sessions. Check it out!

Please present yourself to our audience

My name is Michelle Gray and I’m an intuitive psychic medium and energy healer. I have been giving readings online for over ten years to many clients looking for answers in their lives, careers, and relationships.

When did you discover your gift?

I was always fascinated by psychics and mediums however, when I was growing up I had some prophetic dreams. When I spoke about my dreams to my parents and what I saw, I was told that it was nonsense. So not necessarily encouraged to believe in psychics. It wasn’t until after my divorce that I really became awake while taking psychic and mediumship classes.

It was through psychic/mediumship classes that I started to receive a lot of messages. I would see and hear messages that would give me goosebumps, ringing in my ear, and just felt accurate. Once started it has only become stronger.

You offer readings in person, by phone, Zoom, and email. What are the differences in dynamic and do they bring different results?

There is no difference. I am an empath and energy reader. If I have a name, I feel their emotions, can describe how they look and behave. I usually don’t want a birth date for their astrological sign. Why? Mostly because we are not just our Sun sign.

We are a combination of all the signs once where are born. This includes your moon sign, rising sign, mercury, venus, etc. Sometimes, if email questions are very vague, I attempt to give as relevant information that I am channeling.

What are the most common fears or topics that people bring to you? Is it more personal, like relationships or is it a wide array of topics?

I give numerous psychic readings on relationships: good and bad, married, divorced, separated, affairs, family, partnerships, LGQTB. Money, finances, inheritances, legal issues, careers, kids, futures, pasts, and present. I connect with Loved Ones that have passed: natural death, accidents, suicides (I get a lot of these but I think that because my brother, Geoff committed suicide, now Geoff sends me clients that want to connect with a relative that “committed suicide”). Sometimes, they are accidental deaths like overdoses, stupid ways to die, murders.

People that think they have curses on them! Depends on their culture and background so I can tell you I have heard some interesting stories. Besides, Psychic/Medium, I have been in Fitness for 36 years. I have numerous Fitness certifications through AFAA and NASM and still teach Group Fitness Classes plus I am a Personal Trainer. I get a lot of questions on the body or what I am picking up on their bodies or loved one’s bodies. I am not a medical doctor so I will always advise them to call their doctor for an appointment.

That being said, some of the “curses” have to be that the client has gained lots of weight so somebody put that upon them. They have autoimmune issues but will accuse their relatives or friend of hexing them. I am usually able to discuss how the body works and they will eventually agree that they have poor eating habits, don’t exercise, and a doctor has already told them they are diabetic or have to change their diet. These are typical calls for me.

What do clients, in general, expect from readings like yours? Is it guidance, counseling, approval of their actions, answers to their questions?

Before I begin reading I always tell the client this: I try to give as accurate, descriptive information about your question today. I want to give you a physical description, characteristics, and mannerisms. Evidence of a loved one passing, possessions, how they died, etc. I don’t sugarcoat too much because I feel that fluffy answers help no one. By the end of the reading, I want you to feel like I validated your questions and feelings and that it makes sense to you. How does that sound? The client always appreciates straightforward answers.

Once in a very blue moon, I will get the client that is NOT happy with my answer – usually a relationship that hasn’t worked out but they have called numerous psychics that will give them the answer they want to hear. I refuse to give false hope! It does nothing and gives me zero credibility.

Readings turn into guidance, sometimes a counseling session, and just some friendly advice. It is pretty rare that a client is asking for my approval. I may say “Good for you!” if a client has left an abusive relationship or stood up for themselves. But that isn’t usually why they are calling. I am fortunate to have a lot of repeat clients too.

Please share with us a special message in these difficult times.

Please keep the Americans and the Afghanis stuck in Afghanistan in your prayers. Please pray for Haiti as well. Whether you are Red or Blue, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! Do not let Mainstream Media and our OWN Government try to divide us! Pray for America, Pray for Peace. Keep off the News and limit your time on Social Media. Everyone has an opinion and they all stink. Pray to God, Speak to your Angels, and stay positive. Evil will be removed.