Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Wands

Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Wands

Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Wands

Date Published:
September 29th, 2020

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In our last blog, we explored the minor arcana of the suit of cups. If you’re new to tarot, you may be wondering, what is the minor arcana? For a quick refresher, the tarot is composed of the major arcana which has notable cards such as the Tower or Death, while the minor arcana has four suits, including the suit of wands which we’ll discuss today.

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Reading Minor Arcana Cards

Tarot is all about the interpretation of a card or the overall spread that is drawn, so knowing what each minor arcana suit and number it represents — for example, the nine of wands — is helpful in guiding the interpretation. 

If you’re just beginning to explore the tarot, making yourself a cheat sheet of what the major and minor arcana suits represent as well as the number (minor arcana) that corresponds with it, can be very helpful. Also, using the tarot guidebook that accompanies the deck can help in your readings. 

Once you understand more behind the suits and their numbers, you can focus on the interpretation of the picture and how it relates to your life. 

The Suit Of Wands

The suit of wands is the first minor arcana to appear in the tarot and is often associated with inspiration, spirituality, primal energy, strength, intuition, ambition, expansion.

Fire is the element of the suit of wands that ushers an energy that is unpredictable, energetic, and wild. It’s multifaceted — just as fire can be helpful and innovative through cooking and creating tools, it can also be destructive as seen in forest and house fires. 

This suit embodies more of a masculine energy driven by passion, enthusiasm, and sexuality and can be the source for all energy, symbolizing human willpower. 

The strengths of the suit of wands is that it can ignite action and help us move forward and make change. Alternately, the opportunities of the suit of wands is it can be destructive and volatile, burning things down with a savage ferocity. 

Drawing The Suit Of Wands In A Reading

While the suit is just one part of the card interpretation (the number being the second part) when you draw the suit of wands, it can signify the mirror side of what’s at your core — essentially what triggers you or makes you tick. This can be expressed in the ego and your personality both in the internal and external landscapes. 

It can also signify the spark of inspiration — what lies on the horizon of your creativity? If you’re beginning to see a pattern or draw more than a couple of suit of wands cards, it may represent a recent change or that you’re seeking a greater purpose. 

Summarizing The Suit Of Wands

The suit of wands manifest a fiery energy that can be both productive and destructive, depending on your situation. They embody creativity, passion, and determination and help bring forth and actualize your desires. 

What is your suit of wands telling you?

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