Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Cups

Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Cups

Exploring The Minor Arcana: Suit Of Cups

Date Published:
August 31st, 2020

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If you’re new to the tarot, saddle up, there is so much to explore! To help navigate this journey not only are books helpful, but seeing a professional tarot reader can offer you an outside perspective and a few tips that can expand your understanding.

Astrology Boutique in Chicago is a great place to learn more about the tarot. With professional tarot readers, you can dive into the card’s meanings, creating spreads, and cultivating a rich interpretation that guides you in your journey. Take a moment and learn more about the suit of cups into today’s post.

What Is The Minor Arcana In Tarot?

The minor arcana of the tarot has four different suits that appear including the suit of cups, pentacles, swords, and wands. Each suit has 10 numbered cards and four court cards that represent a myriad of characteristics that help form an interpretation in a tarot card pull or spread.

When the majority of a tarot spread is the minor arcana, it can signify that you’re dealing with an issue in the present that doesn’t necessarily have a lasting effect into the future. It’s helping you acknowledge and learn from these issues.

Reading Tarot

The most important part about crafting a full tarot interpretation is to let the picture guide you. What does it make you feel? What is it saying to you? While the suit of cups has an overarching archetypal meaning, let your intuition lead the way!

Your intuition is one of the hardest things to develop in the beginning, which is why having your tarot read can help you get more familiar with the language and ideas around the tarot. The more you familiarize yourself with it — self-study and tarot readings alike — the more you can tap into your intuition.

What Is The Suit Of Cups?

When any of the suit of cups appear in your reading, it’s highlighting an emotional aspect of your consciousness and how that relates to feelings, love, connections, relationships, etc.

The suit of cups traditionally symbolizes a vessel. This vessel holds the element of water and depicts feminine energy. The water can be read as a fluidity that is both soft and strong — a flowing stream or a forceful flood — it ebbs and flows with your emotions. The suit of cups is adaptable, purifying, and welcoming.
In a tarot spread, cups defer to you working from your heart rather than from your head. And with anything, the balance can be tipped and this emotionality can become part of your shadow self. Operating with too much emotion can inhibit you from making important decisions or allowing yourself to become too involved with a person or situation, while not enough emotion can keep you from truly expressing yourself or tapping into your creative energy. So as the cups come up in a reading, are your emotions on either side of the extreme? How is this affecting your relationships or work life?

The suit of cups, beyond emotions, signify romanticism, creativity, imagination, and fantasy, so you can consider these things when cups appear.

Other names of the suit of cups (depending on what tarot deck is being used) may include:

  • Vessels
  • Chalices
  • Grails
  • Hearts
  • Cauldron

What Does A Tarot Spread Of Mostly Cups Mean?

If you get a reading where the suit of cups dominates, you may want to pay close attention to personal relationships and connections, conflict, creativity, and your overall feelings — how is your expression of these things manifesting currently?

Beyond The Suit Of Cups

Now that we know that cups represent emotions that can better establish how you are able to read your tarot spread. Once you’re able to distinguish the minor arcana archetypes, you can begin to get a deeper understanding by the number or court that they’re associated with.

Curious about going deeper? Learn more about what the numbers and court cards are associated with in our follow up post.

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Exploring the Tarot, Suit Of Cups
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