Common Dream Symbols – Continued

Common Dream Symbols – Continued

Date Published:
June 17th, 2010


We continue with our dream analysis by looking at two more common dream themes and analyze their meanings.

Taking a Test

Some common versions of this dream are taking a test you’re not prepared for, failing a test or being late for the test.

The easy analysis of this dream is, well, you didn’t prepare enough for a test. It could be a past test you took (probably recently) or it could be an upcoming test that you feel you aren’t preparing for enough.

A deeper analysis of this dream looks at how you view yourself. Are you confident in yourself? Do you believe in yourself? If not, you may find yourself having this dream repeatedly. You may be concerned that you can’t live up to the standards you or others set for you.

Another analysis could be that you are currently facing a challenge you don’t feel ready to face. Try to figure out what the challenge is and then tackle it.

I’m Naked!

You get to the party, school or a job interview. You look down and realize you’re naked!  If other people are there, they may not notice your lack of clothing, or they may turn and stare or laugh and point. You may feel utterly embarrassed or feel perfectly fine with it.

The analysis of this dream starts by analyzing your nakedness. Not how you look, per se, but the fact that you aren’t clothed. When we wear clothes, we are able to hide parts of ourselves that we don’t want others to see.

Symbolically, being naked in our dream means we are suddenly vulnerable and open. We can’t hide anything, not very well, at least. We are completely visibly to anyone else in the dream. Analyze your life for a minute and see if you can figure out what you are trying to hide. Are you trying to keep a secret or ignoring some nagging problem? Your dreams may be telling you it’s time to deal with whatever it is you are trying to dress-up.

Given that in this dream, it’s usually a sudden shock to find yourself naked, another analysis suggests that you might be unprepared for something. Are you facing a big decision and feel like you don’t have all the information? Do you have a big presentation coming up at work and don’t think you can handle it? Feeling like you aren’t prepared means someone might find out you are nothing more than a fake. You are symbolically exposed in the dream, revealing your inability to handle the task. See what steps you can take to make a better decision or do a better job on that presentation.

If no one notices you are naked, it may be that all the fears you have about being exposed aren’t real. You have nothing to be afraid of as you are prepared for the task at hand or really have nothing to hide. Try to figure out what’s making you anxious and your naked dream should subside.

What if you don’t seem worried about being naked? Analysis suggests that maybe you are proud of yourself and have nothing to hide. Did you just reveal something about yourself you’d been hiding (even if you only revealed it to yourself)? That might just be something to celebrate and you subconscious is joining in with this kind of dream.

Next time: Falling and flying!

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