Choosing a Tarot Deck That’s Right For You

Choosing a Tarot Deck That’s Right For You

Choosing a Tarot Deck That’s Right For You

Date Published:
April 27th, 2020

Tarot Card Reading Chicago

Navigate this deeply personal journey with the right tarot deck.

When people begin their journey of reconnecting to their intuition, a tarot reading is often the gateway! The tarot does not predict the future, but instead, it gives you exactly what you need — whether it’s something you want, is an entirely different rabbit hole!

Astrology Boutique in Chicago provides people with a better sense of the road they must travel, igniting their journey. Now more than ever is a great time to gift anyone with a tarot reading because we’re offering readings both by phone and virtually! Learn more about how you can choose a tarot deck that’s right for you!

How To Choose a Tarot Deck

If you love tarot readings and want to explore your own tarot practice, finding a deck (or a couple) is vital. But, where do you begin? There are some many options of tarot decks available, it can be intimidating trying to pick one. 

Find a deck that beckons you. 

As you’re looking at tarot decks, find a couple that catches your eye. The tarot is extremely visual by design — it’s supposed to evoke that visceral part of us that recognizes symbols rather than words, so choosing a deck that captures your attention is important. 

Choosing a deck is very personal so don’t choose a deck because it’s the one your reader used or is popular — get the one that speaks to you! 

What do you love about the decks?

Is it the images, colors, or patterns draw you in and are you able to decipher the symbols and meanings of the cards? Peruse both the major and minor arcana and let them sink in — what do you draw from them?

Pay attention to the physical way they feel.

Not only do you have to digest how they feel on an intuitive level, but also how they feel in your hands physically. Are they easy to shuffle? Do they feel good when you hold them? Believe it or not, tarot decks differ in their weight — some can be extremely thick while others are a little more delicate — find what you prefer. 

Consider a traditional deck.

If you’re just beginning your tarot practice, choosing a more traditional deck may be helpful in your initial exploration. Not only are pictures and symbols basic and easy to understand, but many come with reference books that can help guide your understanding of the major and minor arcana. 

Traditional decks include the Rider Waite, Thoth, and Marseilles tarot decks. 

What is their intended use?

Most people get a tarot deck for their own personal use but if you decide to expand your practice, you may want to consider having a tarot deck that is for those specific readings — essentially you want to have your personal decks and reading decks separate. 

It’s also important to consider what you’ll be seeking from the tarot. Are you seeking peace, abundance, or love? There’s likely a deck that will stand out. There are also many decks that have been created that incorporate different cultural experiences. 

Know some basic differences.

There are tarot decks and oracles decks, but they’re two different kinds of cards. The tarot represents a journey of experiences and life situations through the major arcana and similarly through the minor arcana, while oracle decks are not structured and are used to gain insight and help spur inner reflection. 

Many times experienced tarot practices incorporate both tarot and oracle decks into readings, so if you find an oracle you like, get it! 

Change up your decks!

We’re not linear beings and we go through changes, so if you feel like you need to get a new deck or use different cards, do so! Many people with a tarot practice have a variety of decks and use a specific one with how they’re feeling that day. 

Many people also collect decks for their artwork, so they’ll have some they use, while others are more for display! 

At the end of the day, choosing a tarot deck doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating — simply focus on the deck that you like, and work from there. As you get more comfortable you’ll understand more about what you like and can begin to build your decks as your tarot practice grows!

For more information about tarot cards or to book a reading, connect with us today!  


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