Can you guess what tarot card are you as per your zodiac sign?

Can you guess what tarot card are you as per your zodiac sign?

If you too have a knack for astrology, then you must have juggled with various forms of astrological themes. And these could be numerology, Chinese zodiac and also Tarot reading. In astrology, one mystical art usually complements another, and tarot reading is no exception. In fact, if you ever bump into the tarot experts at AstroTalk, they will tell you how each tarot card corresponds to a different planet and sign and how there is one tarot card for each zodiac sign.

Well well, we are sure your curiosity must be provoking you to wonder how zodiac signs and tarot reading work together? To help you understand it easily – each deck of Tarot Cards has 78 cards. Out of these, there are 22 Major Arcana cards. The cards associated with our zodiac signs belong to these 22 Major Arcana cards. And the remaining 56 cards are divided into four groups of cards. these four groups represent the 4 elements in astrology – wands (fire), pentacles (earth), swords (air), and cups (water).

Tarot reading, unlike Vedic astrology where astrologers make predictions based on trackable events, is based on the random shuffling of cards. However, though different but both the studies are beautiful tools of self-reflection, with one paying just a tad bit more attention to aesthetics.

So if you are all curious to know what tarot card you are as per your zodiac sign, then here is all your need to know.

Aries: The Emperor

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In Vedic astrology, Aries is said to be the starter of things. An Aries individual is someone who likes to take control of the situation and emerge as the centre of attention. In a nutshell, authoritative is the word if you ever have to define an Aries. Thus, when it comes to Tarot reading, Aries is best represented by Emperor Card. However, though the Tarot card Emperor makes a fearless leader, but it also has the Aries quality of being impatient. Even when it comes to lovemaking, the Emperor would like to be ‘on top,’ dominant position and hope that you appreciate that trait of them. Well, that is controversial.

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Taurus: The Hierophant

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The Hierophant is like the shy cute baby on the outside but on the inside, they are always thinking of notorious (read: sex), yet harmless, deeds. Hierophant is the Greek word for the high priest. The Hierophant, just like a Taurus, is very aware of his surroundings. The Hierophant likes to work on their tried and tested ways and rarely get advised (because they rarely take it). Taurus people are said to be more on the mature side as they have better control over their thought and also are aware of what others think. Well, doesn’t that sound similar to Hierophant?

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Gemini: The Lovers 

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The Lovers as a card is all about duality, relationship, partnership and all the mushy things in life. The card represents anything that is related to the heart. Just like a Gemini is represented by the symbol of twins, the Lovers card also represents two people trying to match each others vibe. When these two energies combine, they create a whole new life of possibilities. The Lovers, as they sound, are an extra bit sensual, just like the Geminis when in love.

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Cancer: The Chariot   

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The Chariot corresponds to the Cancer zodiac sign. The Chariot is the representation of a warrior who is courageous and a source of energy (motivation) for others to take inspiration from. Cancer too is said to be one of the most protective (read: possessive) signs in astrology. They usally depend on their emotional side and use it as a tool to get things done for themselves (hmm, evil). The Chariot enjoys an authoritative position in life but also sometimes get way too comfortable in the bubble, which becomes the reasons for their destruction.

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Leo: Strength

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Strength as a lady tames the wildest beast with just a pat on its head. Strength is about overcoming the most difficult situations in life or at least not bowing down to them without a fight. The Strength card is represented by the number 8, which represents infinity. The infinity is the symbol for endless possibilities, boundless love and compassion, which the Leo sign creates for themselves or just have in abundance to give to others.

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Virgo: The Hermit

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The Hermit corresponds to the Earth sign, Virgo. The card is all about binding beads of experiences inside the head to grow in oneself a sense of enlightened understanding that guide us in life. The Hermit is also known for his penchant to share their knowledge with the world. However, less they like to be told what to do in life. Sounds like you, Virgo? In relationships, Virgo needs to be given space and respect to find their inner calling and so does a Hermit who usually finds himself alone.

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Libra: Justice 

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The scale that Libra carries and the card name Justice, can it BE any more synonyms? The Justice card is about doing what is right in life or simply trying to find the balance between good and evil. If the card is malefic, one could find themselves in the mess of things. Someone who is a Libra also seeks to find harmony and fairness in anything they do. However, any Libra must also underatand that justice is not only about receiving but also giving.

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Scorpio: Death 

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Just like Scorpio personality, most people confuse the Death tarot card with real death. However, a Tarot reader will tell you that this card does not really represent death but transformation. The card is about new beginnings that have positivity written all over them. Similarly, Scorpios are not only the sex queens of the zodiac but one who usually brims with positivity even in the toughest of times. As a watery sign, you like to create a vacant space for yourself that may feel like an absence of something but really isn’t.

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Sagittarius: Temperance

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The temperance sign is for moderation and for the ones looking for spiritual enlightenment. Though brimming with modern thoughts, the Sagittarius in your life is also celebrated for his/her traditional roots. The Temperance card has the lady slowly pouring the liquid from one golden cup into another. This act demonstrates patience, which the Sagittarius are said to have a lot. The wings sketched on the card, on the other hand, denotes the extrovert nature of the Sagittarius.

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Capricorn: The Devil 

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Again, the Tarot card devil is not really about the devil in his black and white form, but it denotes materialistic possessions. Like the Devil Card, a Capricorn too usally has their focus on wealth and success, which is why they are touted as one of the most hardworking signs. However, for the Caps or any zodiac who get lost in the shine of materialism, the devil shall rise to teach them a lesson. The Devil also has a ‘longing’ for lust and so do Capricorns as they are always full of wild fantasies looking for some flesh to try them on.

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Aquarius: The Star 

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The Aquarius baby is one of a kind zodiac sign in astrology just like the Star tarot card. The Star Tarot denotes the unimaginable possibilities. The Star as a card has a picture of a woman with one of her leg on the ground, which represents practicality and the other leg in the air, which represents intuition. Well, that is exactly where the Aquarius lies. Somewhere between being practical or having no relation with reality whatsoever. It won’t be wrong to say that the Aquarius is found of striking a balance whenever possible.

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Pisces: The Moon

The Moon corresponds to the water sign Pisces. The Moon as a tarot card relates to creativity in humans. The card has a wolf and the dog howling to the moon, which represents two sides of the human. It represents how finding a balance between when to go slow with life and when to accelerate is no less than art that reeks creativity. An art that Pisces is good at.

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