Astrology Tips For Teens: International Youth Day Special For Youngsters

Astrology Tips For Teens: International Youth Day Special For Youngsters

International Youth Day is celebrated across the world. It is to appreciate young men and women who play a huge role in tackling global issues and attain sustainable success. On August 12 every year, many conferences and seminars are conducted to discuss issues face in various aspects of life, celebrating International Youth Day. Moreover, the day is also about the opportunities to spread awareness about the leading issues and problems the world’s youth is facing. For this day dedicated to the youth, we have some astrology tips for teens that would be helpful and life-changing.

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The tips to follow

If you are a teen or you have some children or teens in your house, then follow these tiny yet effective tips to have a great grab on your planets:

  • Light a Diya on each day of the week in front of the Tulsi plant. Also, remember not to do the same on a Sunday. It directly pleases the Sun, which helps in being better professionally and have a decent job.
  • Next, astrology tips for teens say that you should have either of these five trees in your house- Tulsi, Shami, Amla, Hibiscus, and White Akda. All these plants are auspicious ones. Especially to teens, they act as wishful trees and are also helpful in concentrating better when meditating in front of them.
  • You can also feed the street dogs with fresh food. Avoid giving stale food. Furthermore, offer them food for at least 2 minutes. It shall give you the energy lord Ketu, making it stronger. Ketu is the lord of wisdom, and making it strong shall help you seek wisdom.
  • If someone is visiting your house, particularly the relatives, ask the young ones in your house to offer them things to eat. It’s said that offering food to the elder ones and seeking blessings from the same is one of the best astrology tips for teens you can include if you wish to seek good fortune. Plus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars get strong with it.

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  • Being a teen is hard and being around relatives is harder. However, one of the greatest astrology tips for teens is being friendly with female figures in the family. Sisters, aunts, or other motherly figures in your family, be gentle to them. Try bonding with them better and seek their blessings. It directly makes your mercury better, helping create balance in life.
  • Worship Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati on Fridays. Doing the same would provide the knack of knowledge and wisdom to your children and teens. The same will help you have a luxurious life as well.
  • Those who work at your house, respect them. This would help strengthen your Saturn. And yes, delays in your work will be eliminated as well. Moreover, offering food to them too would help and shall give you their blessings.
  • Along with it, more astrology tips for teens involve putting on Chandan tilak on your forehead, particularly prior to studying. It shall help in concentrating better and keep you off from frustrating your head and mind.
  • You must expose yourself to the rays of the sun for at least 30-35 minutes right in the morning. It will help you in the proper functioning of mind and body. Also, it shall help you work better throughout the day.

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