Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

Astrological Signs – Understanding Houses

Date Published:
December 17th, 2010


The Fifth House

The creative house, the fifth house on the astrological chart, tells the reader how you convey yourself in original ways. This isn’t just about the first impression you leave with people (though that is a big part), it’s about how you express your inner self: your personality, your desires, your goals. It’s also associated with romantic interests, as this is the house where your passion resides. Keep in mind, that passion isn’t just for those you find attractive, it is also about the things you find attractive: your goals in life or your hobbies.

The Sixth House

This is the house you may consider boring, but this part of your astrological chart still tells your reader a lot about you. This is the house of every day life: the routines and rituals we do every day. This house explains how you go about your day-to-day business. While this includes our jobs, in can also include how we handle our responsibilities at home (like our chores or running a household). It’s about how we deal with the things in life we have to do because, well, we have to. This part of the chart can also help a reader determine how productive you are and how you feel about your accomplishments, or how you accomplished them. It can also tell you what kinds of jobs you are interested in and why you do or don’t get along with co-workers or your boss.

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