Astrological Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

Gemstones are of great significance in Astrology. They are not only important for aesthetic reasons but also because they share a connection with Planets in Astrology and thus with us. And one among those gemstones is Red Coral, which also goes by the names Praval or Moonga

There are many benefits of wearing Moonga. This red colour shiny stone is different from others stones both in quality and its place of existence. Moonga gemstone is an astral stone that happens deep in the sea. Other gemstones like Diamond, Ruby, etc. meanwhile are the products of mines on the Earth’s plains. 

Red coral or Lal Moonga in astrology is ruled by the planet Mars. Planet Mars in astrology is associated with energy, vitality and other traits like desires, actions, passion, aggression and sexual desires of a person.

Mars is also called the God of warfare and commander of the armies of God. A strong presence of Mars in Kundli can positively affect one’s life. And this effect of Mars flourishes if you wear Red Coral. 

Also, the Red Coral gemstone comprises Mangalya Balam, which means marriage compatibility. If you are facing issues in marriage, it is likely for astrologers to recommend you a Moonga stone ring.

Who should Wear Moonga as per Astrology?

In Vedic astrology, Gemstones are recommended as per the ascendant of the person. They can also be recommended based on the prevailing situation. For example, Red coral stone is usually recommended when the planet Mars is ill-disposed in one’s birth chart. Wearing Moonga stone in such a situation helps the wearer become more courageous in nature.

For anyone who doesn’t know what is an ascendant. The simple answer is that your first house is your ascendant also called Lagan. You can be of Taurus ascendant, Libra ascendant, Scorpio ascendant and so on. To find your ascendant, simply look into the first house of the natal chart. Your ascendant would be mentioned there. 

Moving ahead, Moonga gemstone is worn by people during Mahadasha and Antardasha periods too. Wearing Mooonga stone benefits if worn when the planet Mars is afflicted by planets such as Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu.

However, one must always remember that not every gemstone is beneficial for every native. So before deciding who should wear Moonga gemstone, it is best to consult an astrologer.  

Now, in brief, we will see which ascendant should wear Red coral gemstone and which ascendant must not wear Moonga.

Who should not wear Moonga gemstone?

Taurus Ascendant – Mars is the Lord of the 7th and 12th houses if your ascendant is Taurus. Hence astrologers recommend that a Taurus ascendant must never wear Moonga. However, in case Mars is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, one can wear Red coral. 

Gemini Ascendant – Mars is not a beneficial planet for Gemini natives as it occupies the 6th and 11th house in their natal chart. Here, Mars can create problems that would be hard to deal with. Thus, this ascendant must not wear Coral. 

Virgo Ascendant – The Red Coral ring is a big no if you belong to Virgo ascendant. Here, planet Mars is the Lord of the 3rd and 8th houses. A strong Mars here can have malefic effects. 

Libra ascendant – Moonga benefits will not be present for a Libra ascendant as planet Mars is the Lord of the 2nd house and the 7th house. This is a malefic situation that can bring bad luck for Libra ascendant. 

Capricorn ascendant – A Capricorn ascendant should not wear Lal Moonga Ring as Mars is the Lord of the 4th house and the 11th house. Wearing coral in such a situation can create relationship problems. 

Aquarius ascendant – Moonga is not beneficial for Aquarius ascendant too. Here, the planet Mars is the Lord of the 3rd and 10th house.

Which ascendant should wear Moonga gemstone?

Aries ascendant – Planet Mars is the Lord of the ascendant house and the 8th house. So wearing red coral will affect you positively. If you are an Aries ascendant with Mars in the first, third, fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house, then you must wear Red Coral. 

Sagittarius ascendant Benefits of wearing red Moonga will be on a Sagittarius ascendant if Mars is camping in the first, third, fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house.

Cancer ascendant – For a Cancer ascendant, Mars is the Lord of the 5th and 10th house. Wearing a Red Coral Ring can improve the native’s intelligence, power and knowledge.

Leo ascendant – Mars is very friendly to Leo natives. It is the Lord of the 4th and 9th house. Wearing coral gemstone, if you are a Leo ascendant, can empower your friend circle. 

Scorpio ascendant – A Scorpio ascendant must consider wearing red coral throughout their life. This is because the planet Mars is the Lord of your ascendant.

Pisces ascendant – Red coral is a highly beneficial gemstone for Pisces ascendant. Here Mars rules the 2nd and 9th house. Wearing this powerful gem can bring good luck, wealth, money, name and reputation.

Benefits of Wearing Moonga as per Astrology

Like any other gemstone, wearing Red coral comes with its own set of benefits. Here are the benefits of wearing Red Moonga: 

a) As Red Coral is ruled by Mars, the presence of the stone around a person will increase their confidence and self-belief. 

b) If you feel down and have a habit of procrastinating, wearing a Moonga Ring will help you overcome your lethargic attitude. 

c) Red Coral helps in dealing with sexual issues if any. It boasts a persons’ stamina and desires in a positive way.

d) Another benefit of red coral is its positive impact on the mental well being of an individual. If you are dealing with depression, you must wear a red coral gemstone. 

e) The red coral gemstone also safeguards you from enemies and protects you from accidents, cuts, injuries, etc. 

f) As per Vedic astrology, Red coral is lucky for a person with their birthdate as nine and multiples of nine that are 18 and 27. 

g) Another benefit of wearing red coral is for couples. Red coral softens the harshness in marriage by subsuming anger and adding personal harmony. 

h) Red Coral Stone can also benefit people suffering from Manglik dosh.

i) The one who wishes to join the armed forces must wear red coral. Its power will give you the energy to remain active and tackle challenges with ease. 

j) If you have fear of darkness, the benefits of moonga ring will help you subsume it. 

k) The gemstone also offers amazing healing benefits. If you have skin problems like rashes or acne, use this gemstone. 

l) Red coral benefits help you deal with financial debts. It protects you against the evil eye and black magic. 

m) Wearing red coral during pregnancy reduces the chances of miscarriage and cure problems like paralysis, menstrual disorder. 

n) If you have stage fear, you must wear Moonga as it will add to your confidence.    

Different shapes of Moonga gemstone

Moonga stone comes in mainly three shapes – Capsule shape red moonga, Triangle shape moonga and Oval shape moonga stone. The stone is cut into these different shapes to make rings of different sizes as per the customer and astrological demand. Also, there is a misconception among people that triangle moonga stone benefits are not as same as other shapes. However, this is not true. All moonga shapes are equally beneficial to the natives wearing them.

If you plan to buy Moonga online, you can find it here.

What is the Best Time and Way to Wear Red Coral Moonga?

The best way to wear Red Coral Moonga is by pairing it with a copper or gold ring or pendant. Meanwhile, the best time to wear Moonga is on a Tuesday in Mrigashira, Chitra, Anuradha and Dhanishta Nakshatra. 

The significance of choosing the right carat Lal Moonga gemstone is also important. Popularly, 5-6 carats (Ratti) moonga is recommended. However, one must consult an astrologer before purchasing the same. 

Also, don’t directly wear a Coral as it could be harmful. Make sure you dip the Red coral ring in Gangajal or unboiled milk before wearing it. 
Chant Om Aum Angarkay Namah while wearing the same for the best results.

On which finger should I wear Moonga ring?

Always make sure that you wear the Red coral stone on the ring finger of your hand. Also, like everything wears out with time, so does Moonga. The maximum age until which Moonga will reek positive effects is 3 years. After that, it would need reactivation. For the same purpose, you will need to get a new one for yourself. 


Are there any side effects of wearing moonga stone? 

Wearing a red coral without the advice of an astrologer can result in side effects. Wearing red coral on the wrong day or wrong finger can increase anger issues in a person. One also needs to be very careful about the carats. Wearing a Moonga ring that is less than 6 carats is inauspicious. So it’s better you consult an astrologer before choosing to wear the same.

What are the health benefits of wearing Moonga?

As per our expert astrologers, wearing Moonga boosts a person’s self-confidence. Moonga stone empowers them to get rid of blood-related diseases. The stone can also increase one’s stamina. If you are under Mangal Dosh, wearing Moonga is very beneficial as it will help you overcomes weak Mangal Dasha.

Which rashi should not wear moonga?

Gemstones in astrology are decided based on the ascendant of a person and not their Rashi. If your ascendant is Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, then you should avoid using it.

Can I wear Red coral stone with Rudraksha? 

We would not deny that there are healing therapies that take a combination of coral stone and rudraksha to drive benefits to the healer. But when it comes to choosing a combination of Red coral and rudraksha, one needs to consider the placement of Mars in the houses of the natal chart. It’s better you talk to an astrologer online to get a better idea. 

On which finger should I wear moonga? 

You must wear Moonga on the ring finger of your hand. Tuesday is the auspicious day to wear the gemstone. 

How much does a Moonga ring cost?

The price of a Moonga ring depends on the carats. A six-carat moonga stone would cost you anywhere around Rs 5000-10,000.  Also, the origin of the stone is also a deciding factor when it comes to its price. A Coral that originates from Japan can be as expensive as Rs 20,000.

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