Aditya Hridaya Stotra: A Perfect Chant For Your Sundays

Aditya Hridaya Stotra: A Perfect Chant For Your Sundays

In our customs, natural forces like the earth, fire, wind, and others, are like idols. One of them is Surya or Surya Deva. He is also known as Aditya because of his son Aditi and is like the pillar of life on earth. So, aditya hridaya stotra is amongst the most powerful hymns of all time. It is dedicated to Surya Deva and recited by people who have weak Sun, according to astrology or feel indecisiveness.

But how is chanting aditya hridaya stotra so impactful? Why should folks recite it at least once a day? Moreover, why specifically chant it on Sundays? Well, here we have the answers to all your anxieties.

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What does the legend say?

You must be wondering what connection it has to do with the reasons to recite the Strota? Well, some answers are better told in history. It is about the legendary Ramayan times, more specifically during the final battle between Ram and Ravana.

It says that Lord Ram tried his best to defeat and kill Ravana, but everything went in vain. Disturbed and tormented by this helplessness of not killing his enemy, Lord Rama felt nothing but fatigue and disappointment.

It was in this seizing moment he prayed to his best. As he did so, the wise Agastya showed up in front of him. He appeared with the motive of refreshing Rama. He then asked him to offer his prayers to Lord Surya, reciting the aditya hridaya stotra. As he did so, he not only felt energized but also strong and prepared for the decisive fight.

Can you believe that reciting Strota could be this enthusiastic? Well, we are sure you do!

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Why specifically Sundays?

According to astrology, each day of the week is bind to one God. Like the Saturdays are for Shani Deva and Tuesdays for Lord Hanuman. Similarly, Sunday or Ravi-Vaar is for Lord Surya (Ravi being his other name).

And what day would be better to praise him and seek his blessings than his day himself? Though there is no “right” time to memorize God. Yet, it is best if you chant it during dawn on Sundays. Also, you must keep in mind to avoid the consumption of salt, grains, and liquor while reciting it.

We know it is a bit hard at the start. But once you become fluent, its aura will be the best you can ever experience. Offer Lord Surya your thankfulness and gratitude. But on the other hand, don’t forget to be a little solicitous and ask him to bless you with courage and spirituality in life.

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Benefits of reciting aditya hridaya stotra

We humans never take interest in anything until it is of some benefit to us. And aditya hridaya stotra has countless perks and benefits. However, to bring up some from the Strotam and Phalstuti we have picked some of its merits:

  • The Strota assists you to be successful in your works and efforts by the blessings of Lord Surya.
  • It also zones out the anxieties and uneasiness in you.
  • It brings courage to your life and path.
  • Not just this, reciting aditya hridaya stotra uplifts you in days of difficulties and saves you from deep unhappiness.
  • Along with destroying your sins it elevates you from self-doubts.
  • Aditya hridaya stotra also brings prosperity and clarity in life.
  • The Strota makes you determined and confident.
  • Last but not the least, it keeps you disease-free and helps in curing many serious ailments.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Giving ten minutes of your day to Lord Surya and reciting this divine Strota can do so much! So, wait for none and start your resting Sundays in a little spiritual manner.

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