A Witchy Interpretation Of Tarot Cards

A Witchy Interpretation Of Tarot Cards

A Witchy Interpretation Of Tarot Cards

Date Published:
April 16th, 2019

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***SPOILER ALERT: this article contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

What was up with that tarot episode in part 2 of Sabrina???

We agree, let’s talk about it! The episode was admittedly cool and the vignette style episode was a welcome break from the CAOS that is Sabrina’s life, but for a person who knows nothing about tarot, it may have been a little confusing.

Not All Witches

Let’s start out by saying this, not all witches can read tarot. You know how not all movie stars can act in every genre (*cough* Nick Cage *cough*)? Well, not every witch excels in every field of magic. Especially when it comes to something that isn’t even magic. Tarot cards are not magical!!! They have a rich history and are often read by totally non-magical peoples. The art of tarot is all about tapping into energies and intuitions of yourself and the people around you.

Today we’re going to cover the basics on how to read tarot cards so that you can rewatch episode 4 and read the futures for the characters yourself, or even better, do a tarot reading for Hilda because we really want to see her and Cerberus live happily ever after.

Card Experiences

Have you ever heard the phrase, “as above, so below”? It’s a Hermetic Axiom that means the larger, cosmic experience as a whole should also be reflected in smaller, more individualized experiences. A tarot deck follows this practice with the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcanum is made up of 21 cards that represent universal human experiences, while the Minor Arcanum is made up of 4 suites that are used to interpret the smaller, day-to-day experiences.

The Major Arcanum

As we’ve said, the Major Arcanum is made up of 21 cards that are used to interpret universal experiences through a solitary image or figure. Broken up into sets of seven, each set covers a different type of experience.

  • Cards 0 – 7 discuss issues of the material world, such as finances or marriage
  • Cards 8 – 14 pertain to our emotions, our thoughts, and our actions in seeking Faith, Truth, and Love
  • Cards 15 – 21 cover universal laws and issues, addressing situations that will forever change the course of a person’s life

The Minor Arcanum

Considering cards about the bigger life events can only guide us so much in our daily routines, this part of a tarot deck helps to interpret and lead us through more common, personal situations. The Minor Arcanum is separated into four suits, each associated with a different aspect of a person’s world.

  1. The Suit of Pentacles/Coins is about stability and wealth. Drawing from this suit will mean an interpretation of your job, education, or finances.
  2. The Suit of Wands portrays situations regarding your creativity, communication, and intuition.
  3. The Suit of Swords unironically tackles issues of physical, moral, and ethical conflicts.
  4. The Suit of Cups deciphers the positions of our relationships and emotions. These cards help to answer questions about love, heartbreak, drama, and family discord.

Now that you better know — or got a helpful review of — the meaning of the Major and Minor Arcana, here’s your chance to go back and rewatch part 2, episode 4 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! We bet you’ll be surprised by the accuracy, inaccuracies, and nuances of the readings by Lillith. Did this article pique your interest and now you want to try your hand at tarot astrology? We’d love to see you at the Astrology Boutique! Come in and see which artful deck speaks to you and get started reading today.

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