6 Zodiac Signs Who Are A Good Kisser As Per Astrology

6 Zodiac Signs Who Are A Good Kisser As Per Astrology

Kissing is the essence of love. We kiss whenever we feel as if our hearts will burst with love if we don’t do anything about it. A kiss may be an invitation for a steamy hot make-out session or it may just be a tender display of emotion. There is a lot riding on a kiss, to be frank. So, a bad kiss could potentially ruin a relationship. Did you know that astrology plays a poignant role in deciding who gets to be a good kisser? Zodiac signs who are good kissers are easy to become obsessed with. Kissing them feels magical. And even if you don’t have feelings for them yet kissing them will surely help speed up the process.

Kisses set the tone for the relationship you’re going to have with your partner. Whether it is a short, simple peck or a steamy and passionate one, some kissers always do it better. Here are the good kisser zodiac signs who will have you swooning from the very time your lips touch theirs.

1. Aries

You haven’t really experienced good kissing till you have locked lips with Aries. The star sign is all about making themselves irresistible so they put extra effort into all their kisses. If Aries is kissing you they are already half in love with you (even if they’ve just met you) so they actually put their heart and soul into making the kiss equally special for you. Let them know that they are doing a great job by moaning in their ears or pulling them closer, and see them bring their A-game.

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2. Cancer

Cancers are known for their unique and bold personalities. But their personality is not the only thing they have going for themselves. A permanent contender to Aries for the first position on the good kisser zodiac signs list, Cancer can make themselves appear extremely kissable. They tempt you to the point that you’re begging them to kiss you. Despite that, the star sign will make you wait to make the kiss more pleasurable. And believe us when we say that no one can explain what it feels like to be kissed by a Cancerian. It is a kiss full of longing, lust and love. No matter how many times you snog them, you will always find yourself coming back for more.

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3. Taurus

Another among the zodiac signs who are good kisser is Taurus. Taurus loves to love and they want people falling head over heels for them. They demand forevers and unquestioned loyalties. And their weapon to get all this and more is their kissing technique. Kissing a Taurus makes you feel on top of the world. They enjoy long foreplay sessions so dating Taurus actually feels like booking some very hot make-out sessions for yourself. Taurus enjoys kissing more if they find that you are enjoying yourself. So let them know you’re enjoying yourself.

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4. Scorpio

Scorpios never make the first move because they want you to be the one kissing them. If you kiss them first, you find them desirable and irresistible and that’s really all Scorpio wants to be. Once you have made it clear that you want them, they get busy pleasuring you. Their kisses are soft and tender while simultaneously being raw and passionate. Now that’s a combination you can never quite get enough of. Scorpios are often criticized for being too intense so expect them to bring the same fervour when it comes to love and sex.

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5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a free soul. They don’t care what people think of them so they most certainly will not put extra effort into making kisses memorable for you. You must be wondering how that could ever be a good thing? Well, sometimes not thinking too much about these things reaps the best results. Expect the star sign to make the first move because they like kissing and they like you, so they will not rest easy till they’ve had you. Kissing the fire sign is full of surprises because you never really what it’s going to lead to. Trust Sagittarians to make kissing fun and exciting.

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6. Leo

Leos are natural leaders. They take charge of everything, smooching and canoodling are no exception either. Leos like dominating their lovers so expect them to be rough with you from time to time. And don’t you worry, this is the kind of roughness you’re likely to enjoy. Leos also feel the need to be good at everything so their being on this good kisser zodiac signs list should really be no surprise. In fact, we could go so far as to say we have saved the best for the last.

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