6 Funniest Zodiac Signs As Per Astrology

6 Funniest Zodiac Signs As Per Astrology

Most of us have the ability to get a few good laughs out of people. But are you the sort of person who can leave just about anyone rolling in laughter? Are you often labelled the “funny man” or jokester of your circle? Then you are probably one of the funniest zodiac signs as per astrology. Contrary to popular belief jokes do not always have to be offensive to be funny. Some people may be good at impersonations, while others make people guffaw with their dry and sarcastic sense of humour. There are many ways to make a person laugh and the way you make people laugh is majorly influenced by your sun sign. Keep reading to learn about the funniest zodiac signs around whom it is near impossible to keep a straight face.

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are comedic gems. They are without a shadow of doubt the funniest zodiac signs among all the twelve sun signs. Their sense of humour stems from their wicked and witty intellect. They are sassy and have prompt jokes for every situation. A Sag’s method of storytelling is unmatched. They can even make the most mundane things sound deliciously hilarious and genuinely funny. Maybe it is just how they regard the world but everything is infinitely more interesting and animated with them by your side. Going through a crisis and in desperate need of a laugh? Call up your Sag friend. They will have you roaring in laughter within minutes of the conversation. Oh, what fun it is to have a Sagittarius, the funniest zodiac sign as a friend.

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2. Gemini

Geminis are very dramatic by nature therefore it should be no surprise that they rank so high among zodiac signs who are funny. Their jokes are all about one-liners, witty comebacks and sardonic humour. A Gemini friend will consistently poke fun at everyone in the circle but no one will really ever take offence at their jokes. Because despite having the gift of gab, they know where to draw the line. Moreover, Geminis are real sports as well. Not only do they enjoy being the butt of all jokes, they actually insist on being roasted by their friends. After all, are you really funny if you can’t even laugh at yourself?

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3. Leo

Leo’s natural habitat is under the spotlight. They are born entertainers and drama queens. So you best believe they have the funniest expressions and extravagant anecdotes under their belt. The fire sign is creative with their jokes and they can usually leave a party in stitches with their wide range of theatrics. Some may find Leo’s natural instinct to exaggerate stories annoying but most of us are too amused by their charisma to really pick out their flaws. With a Leo friend by your side, you will never have a sad day, we can promise you this much.

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4. Aries

Aries is genuinely one of the funniest zodiac signs to be around. The catch is that they will only show you their entertaining side once they are comfortable around you. Aries believes in making others laugh via actions so prepare yourself for impersonations, silly walks, and contorted faces. They are famous for their clownery among friends even though they put on a rather mysterious front when with strangers. The fire sign also has a rather long list of clever jokes up their sleeve which they only use when they are trying to make a good impression. It’s okay if you don’t get the joke immediately (most of us don’t). Because when you do ultimately get it, you will find yourself using that joke everywhere you go.

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5. Scorpio

Scorpios are rather popular for their passive-aggressive jokes. They can be really funny but you would really have to keep an open mind to understand their twisted sense of humour. If you find yourself in an embarrassing situation they will probably be the first ones to make a joke of it. So, if you are the kind of person who takes offence at jokes, Scorpios aren’t really the best company to keep. A word of advice to the Scorpios out there – give people some time to get acquainted with your gags. Your playfulness and mischievousness require some getting used to. It’s best you continue to make people laugh with your ridiculous dad jokes in the meantime. And hey, you know what we sort of secretly dig those lame jokes. Keep at it!

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6. Libra

Libras are so very friendly. They are usually the life of a party with their incessant jokes. They love to entertain and are always looking for ways to woo the crowd. The star sign is funny without ever being rude which makes people warm up to them. Unfortunately, Libra often loses themselves in the act of entertainment. If you spot someone doing something embarrassing or over-the-top at a party there’s a very good chance that the person is a Libra. But you know what makes them even funnier? That they just don’t care. Libras simply want everyone around them to have a good time. And if that’s not the telltale characteristic of a comic king, we don’t know what is.

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