6 Common Kinds of Tarot Spreads

6 Common Kinds of Tarot Spreads

6 Common Kinds of Tarot Spreads

Date Published:
May 5th, 2020

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Level up your tarot spread!

Whether you’ve just begun reading your own cards or are beginning to grasp what the major arcana and suits are in your practice, exploring the tarot is fascinating — you begin to reconnect and explore parts of you that have been buried and can better integrate the shadow self. The tarot is not fortune telling, but a source to your intuitive nature!

At Astrology Boutique in Chicago, the tarot is for everyone! Gain insight into how to make positive changes in your life to turning to your intuition to help guide you! Elevate your tarot practice by learning more about common tarot spreads — from the simple to the complex!

Everyday Tarot Card Spreads

The best thing about beginning a tarot practice at home is that you can cultivate one around your schedule — short on time? Pull a card or two. Looking for some more in-depth guidance? Use a more detailed spread. 

Quick Draw – One to Two Cards

Drawing one or two cards is a great introduction to the tarot and can be a quick and easy way to ask general questions or guidance on something specific. 

The Three Card Tarot Spread

Short of just pulling a single tarot card, is one of the simplest tarot spreads — the three-card pull. This is a simple spread, but it’s extremely dynamic and a favorite of many tarot readers because it provides great insight and guidance. 

The three-card spread is great for beginners because it has a very specific purpose and meaning to each card’s position. There are a variety of ways to use the three-card spread including:

  • Past/present/future
  • Mind/body/spirit
  • You/the other person/the relationship

If you want a more in-depth spread, a popular choice is to pair two of these three-card spreads together for a six-card spread, and instead of using the same deck, you could use your favorite tarot cards for the first three, and an oracle deck for the following three. 

The Blind Spot

A large part of our evolution is learning about our blind spots and learning how to integrate the shadow parts of our beings. This four-card draw is to help us gain an understanding of how we see ourselves and how others might see us. 

The Cross

The cross tarot spread is another fairly simple card pull that centers around and indicates a direction or action to take. A very common question to ask with this spread is, what is important?

The Path

This is a seven-card pull that is based on conscious and unconscious attitudes and behaviors and helps create a path for the question at hand. For example, you could be asking about how to deal with a current work situation or health concern — it’s essentially gaining insight on your actions leading up to the event or matter at hand. 

The New Moon Spread

This is a six-card draw that you can implement at the new moon. The new moon signals the birth of a new cycle which is a great time to set intentions and plant new seeds. 

There are so many tarot spreads that can fit into every lifestyle! From a quick one-card draw to The Path tarot spread that is more complex and requires more time. 

Tarot Card Readings At Astrology Boutique

Tarot readings from Astrology Boutique in Chicago is here to help guide you toward the answers you seek. Our tarot readings can be a great gift to yourself or to a friend who are wanting to dig deeper and navigate all sides of your being. 

Additionally, it’s a great way to familiarize and learn the tarot before you begin your own practice. And then when you’re ready, you can buy your first deck and cultivate a tarot practice with some of the spreads we covered today!

Get started and book a tarot reading today! 



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