5 Zodiac Signs That Are Marriage Material

5 Zodiac Signs That Are Marriage Material

In an age where social media has grown up to influence our major decisions, thinking from the heart has taken a beating. And surely, not thinking from the heart isn’t the best trend when it comes to choosing a partner. Thankfully, some people have taken it on themselves to ensure the concept of love doesn’t fade away. And they try to do this by simply loving the other person through thick and thin, ever and forever. Who are these superheroes/heroines, you may ask? Well, they, mostly, belong to these marriage material zodiac signs.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Talk to a Gemini and they will tell you how they have already planned out a destination wedding for themselves (even if they are the only one at the party). Gemini has got a high wall erected when it comes to love. However, if you can climb the wall over, you will find yourself a child-mind, the 50% of which dreams whether to wear Anushka Sharma-like lehenga on the D-day or one like Deepika Padukone wore. And the remaining 50%? It’s a combination of what makeup brand to go with? Do I need to cry before my vidaai? What if the candids don’t come out nice? Gemini people tend to get happy about little things in life, with love taking the top spot. They are known for their commitment and expect the same from others. If you can give them that, they are to remain loyal to your forever and ever.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Though it is said that one must not change what they truly are just for the sake of the other person, however, the Scorpions in the town are not taking that advice. A Scorpion, when in a relationship, tends to get so involved that they start moulding themselves as per the needs or wants of the other. Well, how many of you have felt that? However, thankfully, this moulding is nothing forced but a natural shift. This shift occurs when they feel assured of the love the other person is giving them. Once they start putting their trust in you, they start opening up around you. And as they open up and simultaneously mould, you will realise how they are THE ONE you need in life. A Scorpio loves from all their heart and would always want to see a happily ever after with you. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer will tell you how marriage is an overrated billion-dollar industry that they don’t want to invest in. But when they are at home, all they might be doing is watching The Big Day on Netflix (while making extensive notes). Cancerians have a self-belief that they can make things work greatly in a marriage. And this self-belief is accurate most of the time. A person belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign is a very emotional and sensitive being. Such people seek mental security, which they often find in the partner next door. So simply, if you can bring them to your door, they would realise your worth and would remain loyal to you. Cancer considers marriage as a life-long commitment and is happy to be a part of it more than any other sign. Thus, is a marriage material zodiac sign. 

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

“Your husband/wife would be so lucky to have you”. Exactly, Taurus people get it a lot for they are very loyal, funny and eternally excited about the relationship they are in. Also, the interesting thing is that though other people realise that Taurus would make a great partner, a Taurean himself is invariably in a belief that they would make a great partner to someone. They would daydream about the things they would do as husband or wife (sex, we mean) and would smile until the other person in the room asks them what they are smiling about. A Taurus tends to go into a relationship with a life-long mentality. You won’t find them fooling around. They seek the forever kind of love, which isn’t prone to diminish easily. Their cheerful energy is infectious, which draws anyone closer to them. 

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

People with the Capricorn Zodiac sign entertain a traditional sense of thought. They are family-oriented people connected with the roots. Thus, they prefer having a person in life who would understand them. And the best way to have such a person, they feel, is tying the knot. As a spouse to someone, a Capricorn is impulsive yet passionate, and this trait of their personality helps them unfold for themselves a successful marriage. As a partner, you can count on Capricorn if you seek a person to talk to literally about anything. They have the best advice to cater. Also, as a spouse, they can get very touchy at times but they would make sure the habit doesn’t irritate the other person. 

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