10 Vastu Tips For Your New Home

10 Vastu Tips For Your New Home

Why one needs Vastu tips? For a house to become home, it needs to entertain the right kind of energy, also called Vastu. Simply say, positive Vastu energy in and around the house makes it a precious place to settle in. Positive energies have a way to affect our lives in many ways. Right from helping us excel in the professional field, positive energy, allowed by Vastu tips, helps us with mental nourishment.

Owing to shrinking free-land across cities and affordability concerns, people these days consider buying ready-to-move-in homes. These homes, though offer pristine views and exceptional facilities, could or couldn’t be Vastu-friendly. This is something that may not concern the youth, however, would surely pique the interest of the elderly who are known to abide by best vastu tips for home invariably.

So what can be done? Simply, if you are getting a new house made from scratch, you can check out this blog of ours where we have listed the best Vastu tips for bedroom, Vastu tips for the kitchen and so on in a detailed manner. You can use the knowledge and plan your construction accordingly. 

However, if you are planning to buy or have already bought yourself a readymade home, where architectural changes are not possible, then you can abide by the below given Vastu tips to add to the balance of your home. These tips have been curated by our expert astrologers and thus we believe will help you in the best possible way.

1. Home entrance and Vastu tips. The best pair

Surely you can’t change the entrance of the door in a ready-to-move-in home. But you can always select one where the main entrance door Vastu is right.

As per our astrologers, the main door of the home is the gateway to energy. So ensuring that it is the right direction is a must.

The first thing you must note about the main door is that it opens inwards. This will ensure that the positive energy stays within. Doors made of wood are Vastu friendly. 

Also, make sure that the hinges of the door don’t make any kind of sound. Greasing is the solution. Next, consider a home with the main door painted black.

The best Vastu shastra tip for the main door of the home would be that it must face the north, east or northeast direction. Simply say, a door must be constructed in a way that when you head out, you face the north, east or north-east direction.

Other bonus main door vastu shastra tips are to:

  • Decorate it with a name plate.
  • Ensure there is no dustbin placed near the door.
  • The main door is well lit,
  • Does not have a bathroom near the main door. 
  • The main door opens in a clockwise direction.

2. Kitchen vastu tips for new home

The kitchen is one of the most trekked places in a flat or home. And if you ask us, one of the most adjusted when it comes to flat building. 

When buying a flat, make sure the kitchen is in the southeast direction. This is because Lord Agni rules that direction. And Angi and kitchen are synonymous with each other.  

Likewise, kitchen appliances must also be kept in the south-east direction. If the kitchen has a dedicated shelf or space to keep grocery items, make sure it is in the south-west.

Another Vastu tip for the kitchen is to ensure that the water container must always be outside the kitchen.

3. Things you must keep in the house for good luck  

There are 100s of things that one can keep at home to ensure a positive flow of energy. These things allow invariable wealth and happiness. 

Things made of bamboo decorative bring a good omen to one’s home. Bamboo plants are also good for luck and prosperity. 

A combination of water fountains and Buddha statue counts among the best Vastu tips to absorb positive energy. However, make sure you don’t place the fountain in the wrong directions or wrong places.

A horseshoe, salt lamp, burning sage or making Swastik also bring positivity to your home. 

While these are things to do when you settle in, you must also ensure you place these lucky things in your house in the right direction. In THIS blog, we have covered what are the best places where you can place these lucky things in the house.

4. Things not to keep at home

There is a tit for tat situation here. If there are things that you must keep in your new house, then there are also things that you must not keep.

Keeping statues at home has become a fashion. While Buddha and elephants statues are approved, however, you should not keep at home statues of wild animals at home. 

People have a habit of keeping Nataraja statues at home. No doubt it looks great with all the aesthetics intact, but you must also know what it signifies. The dancing statue of Nataraja stands for Tandava Nritya, which is the dance of destruction. So obviously, not the best thing to keep at home. 

Plants with thorns and paintings that showcase war scenes must also be not placed in the house.  

Again, all these things are secondary to purchasing a house for yourself.

5. Mental Health and Bedroom, a saga!! 

Considering the best Vastu tips for the bedroom are necessary if you seek to nurture a positive relationship between you and your spouse. Also, as you spend time in hibernation in the bedroom, it affects your mental prosperity. 

To seek positive mental health, make sure the bedroom in the flat or home is in the south-west. Let go of the flats where the bedroom faces the north-east or south-east zone.

The almirah in the bedroom must be close to the south-west wall and at a little distance from the north-east wall.

In bonus tips for bedrooms, you can consider hanging wind chimes at the window; if any. 

Paint the bedroom with light colours. Placement of flowers is beneficial until they ain’t dry. 

Avoid placing a mirror in front of the bed. Also, make sure the placement of the temple is outside the bedroom.

6. Best living room vastu tips 

The living room is one place where people spend most of their time. Also, it is the first impression of you. So checking the Vastu for living room is a must. 

The living room should face east, north or north-east. Alternatively, a north-west-facing living room is also favourable.

In the flat, make sure the space for keeping the electronic items in the room like a TV or speakers is in the south-east section of the room. 

If the flat is already painted, make sure the colours are shades of light colours like pink, white, cream and beige.  The centre of the room must be kept empty.

7. Colours speak

Some flats that we purchase are already painted. Also, with time, people are developing a liking for multiple colours across different rooms in the house. 

And that actually is something very good as per Vastu. Astrologers suggest that different rooms having different colours is beneficial. Different colours represent different things. 

For example, Red colour represents passion and power. White colour is for purity and openness. Brown is for stability and so on.

The best colours for different rooms in the house as per Vastu are given below. The second column represents colours that are good for different rooms and the third one represents the ones that are not.

Master bedroom Blue Dark shades of red
Guest room White Dark shades of red
Drawing/living room White Dark colours
Kid’s room White Dark blue and red
Kitchen Orange or red Dark grey, blue, brown and black
Bathroom White Dark shades of any colour
Hall Yellow or white Any colour in deep shade
Pooja room Yellow Red
Home exterior Yellowish-white, off-white, light mauve Black
Main door/entrance White, silver or wood colours Red, deep yellow
Study room Light green, blue, cream or white Brown, grey
Balcony/veranda Blue, cream, light tones of pink and green Grey, black
Garage White, yellow, blue Black, brown

8. Shape of the house 

The shape of the house and building you plan to live in also matters as per the Vastu. There are two shapes in astrology namely Gaumukhi shapes and Shermukhi shapes.

A Gaumukhi shape is one that is narrow at the point of entry and broad at the back. Meanwhile, the Shermukhi shape is broad at the entrance and narrow at the back.

The Gaumukhi shape is considered good for housing purpose, while Shermukhi is suitable for commercial properties. Similarly, extended corners (except in the north-east) are not considered suitable for residential properties.

9. Is Vastu for the balcony necessary?

The balcony is what people can’t compromise with. They seek the best views from the balcony even if it falls short on the Vastu score. 

Well, that is all fine, but if you are strictly abiding by the Vastu plan, then you must notice these things to ensure a Vastu compliant balcony. 

Balconies and terraces are best placed in the north, east or north-east directions of the flat. You can also consider placing a water fountain on the northeast side of the balcony. 

The shape of the terrace or balcony is best when it’s rectangular or square. Placing a wind chime on the terrace brings good luck.

10. Best time to move in the house 

Here, there are two things that you need to consider. Firstly, if you are buying a flat, you need to find the Shubh Muhurat for the home registry. This is usually the day when you become the owner of the house.

Then, there is Shubh Muhurat for finally beginning to live in the house. This is called Griha Pravesh.

Both of these exercises are important and if done on the right day will bring prosperity in the lives of the one moving into the house. So if either registering a new house or moving in, in THIS blog, you will find all the Shubh Muhurats for flat buying and Griha Pravesh in 2021.


What are some Vastu Tips for financial prosperity at home?

Some tips that our astrologers suggest for financial prosperity are keeping the entry well decorated and lit to attract positive energy, keep the locker or the almirah – that you keep your cash in – in the south or south-west direction. Try keeping the mirror in front of the cash locker too. It signifies that the cash will double up.

Maintaining a free flow of air through proper ventilation is also crucial. You can keep the picture of Goddess Lakshmi at the entrance of the home. Repair the leaky taps if any. Keeping a flute in the home is also counted among one of the best Vastu tips for home.

What are the best Vastu tips for home that help in academic growth? 

For academic growth, one should look around to ensure that the study room is not below or above the bathroom. The study table must be kept on the east or north side of the room for the best results. 

Decoratives like a well-lit lamp or simply bamboo plant make one of the easy Vastu tips for flat for academic growth.

What are the things one can change at home for good health? 

Placing plants at the entrance of the house adds to the health propensity of individuals. Try that. Moreover, keep your face in the northeast or east direction for better health. Your head must always be in the south direction when you sleep for better sleep and mental health. Keep the middle space of the house empty. 

Pictures of family members also help in ensuring prosperity. Place a wind chime in the bedroom. Also, a sandalwood statue can create a harmonious relationship among the family members of the house.

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